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Kangoo Jump Classes in NYC with Mario Green Will Get You in Killer Shape - It Worked for Me!



Here's the deal...

You put on funny looking boots which are really quite awesome because they make you bounce. Then you follow my friend Mario's lead through creative choreography set to pop music. If you're looking to shave off a few pounds and have a blast, this workout is for you! Check out the Dailycandy Deal below to experience Kangoo Jumping with the man who brought the trend to America.

Seriously people, before Mario Green (also known as Mario The Trainer), Kangoo was a European oddity. Mario's classes are so much fun that you'll forget how silly the boots look and start taking pics in public, like we did yesterday. I've gotta say, we kind of loved the attention which provoked a few innocent bystanders to sign up for Mario's class. You should too!

For everything you need to know about Kangoo Classes & Mario, click the link below:

Four Kangoo Hip Hop Dance Classes or a Private 45-Minute Training Session for $40 (an $80 value)

Mario's a stellar dude:

He'll get you into supreme shape, make you laugh and have an all around good time. Just ask the people in my neighborhood--they were drawn to Mario's vibrant aura. And so am I! I actually Kangoo Jumped through the summer of 2010 when Mario was teaching at Crunch. You can read about my experience here.

Kangoo Jumping boots were developed for knee rehabilitation:

Don't believe me? Then watch this video to hear about the health benefits.

Like my skirt? It's called a meSheeky:

A meSheeky is a fitness skirt that you can layer over your workout leggings/tights. The style I'm wearing in the Kangoo pics with Mario is called THE NICO SKIRT and I'm obsessed with it because it's a low-rise skirt made with stretch jersey that gives my fitness look a feminine flare without compromising on comfort. meSheeky skirts come in various styles and they're easy to pull on and off. It's an excellent cover-up that's both sporty & sexy. 2 thumbs up to the meSheeky founders for making a skirt that I can actually jump around in! Browse the meSheeky website here!

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written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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