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Improve Your Hand-Outfit Coordination With Fitness Gloves Made For Women



Specially designed for womens' hands, Femme Fitale fitness training gloves come in animal print or bright colors embellished with matching swarovski crystals. They don't sound like they're practical for the gym but they are! You can use them for weight lifting, spinning, pilates, yoga, rowing and more. Personally, I find training gloves useful for group fitness classes that require a lot of floor work (push ups, mountain climbers, side planks, etc). I'm not a huge fan of touching my bare hands to dirty gym floors, especially when I'm sweating. It's not very hygienic and it really grosses me out especially since studio floors don't get mopped until the end of the day. You might as well lick a door knob.

Femme Fitale gloves kill a few birds with one stone by protect your hands from injury, bacteria and slipping. They're a nice alternative to bulky, masculine styles that you'd find at Sports Authority for women. I'm convinced this is why most women don't wear fitness gloves--because our options are very limited and we don't want our hands to look like mens'. The good news is that you can order these gloves online and save yourself a trip to Sports Authority. The bad news? Deciding between cheetah and zebra print might be hard.

Weight lifting fitness gloves

Careful not to over-accessorize with these gloves. Make them your outfit's accent piece not part of a variety show. And don't forget to wash them...sweaty gloves are no good!

Chrystallized Gloves - $24.99

Animal Print - $19.99


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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Say what's on your mind!

Melanie December 9th, 2010 3:28AM

Ooh, ooh, I need these!!

MizzFIT December 9th, 2010 6:57AM

Aren't they fabulous? You could totally match them to your sports bras or even try making some yourself (since you're very talented at that). Which ones are your favorite pair?

KRISTIN December 12th, 2010 8:46AM

I'm wearing gloves all the time! Never seen anything like this - how cool!

Sandy December 17th, 2010 9:39AM

they look cute but based on your prior review, I just bought the Bionic Ladies Fitness Glove.

MizzFIT December 19th, 2010 6:43PM

Please let me know how you like them! -MizzFIT

Concrete Sealer Brisbane January 7th, 2011 3:10PM

Really great collection and the price is also very attractive. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy January 28th, 2011 12:26PM

I love them!!!!!!!! Thanks again!

MizzFIT January 29th, 2011 11:20AM

It's the cutest fitness glove brand I've ever seen! They're high quality too!

MizzFIT January 29th, 2011 11:21AM

Hi Sandy,

So glad you're happy with them! Makes me feel great! Have an awesome weekend!


Marinaj February 8th, 2011 7:59PM

Wow…its fabulous collection. I always love to wear gloves at workout time. I have a great collection of fitness gloves. Seeing this nice collection I am so happy. Fitness gloves prevent slipping and losing the grip of the equipment.