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The Bravest Woman in Fitness Talks to Me About Fear & Wellness. Who is it? WATCH THE VIDEO!


Who's the bravest woman in fitness?

And why was I so compelled to interview her for my Women Who Empower video series on YouTube? How could I not interview a woman who wears makeup to workout...even if it is war paint! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW for all the answers:

I met Lauren Berlingeri, the host of Woman Vs Workout on YouTube, last year. She's obsessed with health and so we immediately clicked. Little did I know how brave this starlet was until I watched all her shows. And yes, she's gorgeous, which is why I had to ask about her favorite supplements.

From the video, you will have learned about, the site that Lauren has been hard at work on. She's asked me to share that Aloha has evolved since we shot her video interview. Wellness products will no longer be curated but they've tailored the site for a fantastic experience. I encourage you to check out Aloha especially if you're intrigued by or already sold on supplements.

And don't forget to check out the show! Lauren doesn't have to be the ONLY badass girl out there. Take inspiration from her and try something that absolutely scares you. Maybe not something too dangerous, but some kind of fitness or sport activity that intimidates you. I think you'll find that conquering your fears is really empowering. That's why I had to interview Lauren. Brave women help me squash my fears (of scary physically challenging shit and of failure).

Please share you own story of bravery in the comments section below! I gotta hear them.

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written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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