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Spice Things Up. Go on a Workout Date!


Change things up to spice 'em up!

Ditch the expensive restaurants, bar scene and red cellophane wrapped candy! Chocolate never looked good on your waistline anyway.

Instead, why not spend time with friends and lover(s) doing fit things that promise lots of fun? Here are some options...


Celebrate a special event, birthday or nothing at all (party just 'cause ya want to) with a Workout Spa Party:


Go ahead and get all romantical with a Heart-Racing Date that lumps fear-nervousness-excitement all into one:

For more on how to plan the perfect workout date especially for Valentine's Day, check out 7 Ways To Avoid the Valentines's Day Restaurant Rush and Have Even More Fun on Your Feet.

So, are you down to changes things up?

Tell me how you're fusing fitness with your social life. Been on a "workout date" before? I wanna hear your stories: the good, the bad and the downright funny. Share 'em in comments section below.


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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