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MizzFIT Shows Kathie Lee & Hoda How To Style Up To Shape Up for Spring (+ Giveaway)


Video - Today Show



It's been over a week since my debut on the Today Show and I still need someone to pinch me. What an incredible experience--from the minute we entered wardrobe leading up to the live segment! I even got my hair did and make-up done by the Today Show beauty team. Okay, I know my face looks shiny in the vid but I think that's the work of my 3-day Elixir Juice Cleanse which I'll write about soon. Going into NBC Studios, I knew the fitness fashion was going to rock but seeing it all come together behind the scenes with guest Kim Cattrall fawning over my models, was a major high point for me. That's why I'm going to re-live it by telling you more about each of the 4 looks including the outfit I wore. Be sure to enter the BEST GIVEAWAY IN MIZZFIT HISTORY at the end of this post.



I'm seeing an EDGY trend and a FLIRTY trend happening in all kinds of fitness apparel, accessories and gear. Within the edgy trend my favorite pieces incorporate animal print and metallic fabric. I love that zebra & bengal prints are more popular than ever. Leopard is classic and snake print is just around the corner for Fall. The flirty trend has me all excited because it gives us ladies a chance to show off our curves and dress sexy without compromising comfort or support. I'm loving all the mini-skorts, slit-skirts, body-contouring dresses and peek-a-boo pieces that fall out of this trend. As you scroll down you'll see how each look combines elements from both the edgy and flirty trend.



Bianca Jade MizzFIT NBC Today Show Tyra Wallace fitness fashioin

Tyra rocked this outfit. The Stella McCartney for Adidas Satin Run Jacket and Apheliotes Run Shoes immediately pop out at you. They're both light, breathable and beautifully constructed. The Run Jacket comes in black and silver but red is deliciously daring. The Apheliotes sneaker has peek-a-boo sides to show off your sockless feet. You'll love wearing these as the weather warms up. Tyra's Soffe Shorty Shorts are perfect for running and at $19.99 the price is right! Soffe has a range of wild animal prints and abstract designs that are great for spicing up your wardrobe. Match them to a Banjees Wrist Wallet like the one on Tyra and safely stash your keys, cash and ID inside. Banjees come in eco-friendly, reversible, fleece and reflective styles. Tyra's racerback tank with built-in bra shelf is MPG Sport's Vivid top. If you need a reliable fitted tank with moisture wicking, this is IT.



Sequen tennis balls leopard print mizzfit

I wasn't kidding when I said Lauren's Vata Brasil Dress is made to fit sizes 0-12. So whether you have curves or not, and whether you gain a few or lose a few pounds, this body contouring sport dress will treat you right. It's stretchy lycra fabric holds you in and smoothes you out. Check out all the color combos! The black/crayon is nice but white will keep you coolest on a hot, sunny da. RioSoul's iPod-Holder Belt is a no brainer because it stretched to flatter your waistline while holding your cell phone and MP3 player (which is nice if you're practicing on the courts alone). Check out the fab Nike Free XT Quick Fit+ training shoes that Lauren wore in metallic-grey and neon yellow. These sneaks are super lightweight and versatile for tennis to treadmill. The rubber RumbaTime Watches on Lauren's wrist are an inexpensive way to color coordinate and keep track of time. My favorite part of this outfit is the designer leopard print tennis ball by Sequen (held in Lauren's hand). Jennifer Lyn Baker, Sequen's CEO and tennis vixen, celebrates athletes who "play to be seen". Her Safari Collection goes beyond leopard with zebra, giraffe, tiger, python and jaguar prints--OH MY!. Cans go for $20-22.



MizzFIT Spring fitness trends dance zumba clothes

I have the best intern in the world and she couldn't look cuter in this dance inspired fitness look for Zumba. Nicole is wearing BodyRock Sport's metallic Maria Bra and studded Shauna Tank along with a matching Maria Headband. BodyRock's clothes should be loosely layered and shown off. Sports bra sizes run a bit small so make sure to go up a size when shopping online. Nicole's bottom layers are a MeSheeky Stevie Skirt over an MPG Sport Stance Capri which I've renamed "the confidence boosting capri". MeSheeky skirts make great cover-ups and boost your flirt-appeal. Experiment with a mini-skirt or side-slit style--they're less intimidating when paired with a fitness legging. With Black Swan on my mind, I styled Nicole in Puma's Karlie Ballerina Flat. It's edgy and sleeker than traditional dance shoes. The Suunto M4 watch she's wearing didn't get mentioned (sorry Suunto, I forgot!) but I've got mad love for it. It's both a heart rate monitor watch and a personal trainer strapped to your wrist because it gives you motivational feedback while you're working out. It comes in cool colors too!



Leopard gloveit golf glove mizzfit

The golf look is by far the sexiest and most unconventional. I encourage dressing like this for fitness as often as you can! Natalie was turning heads left and right. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I styled her in an ensemble from MPG Sport (Aspire Top, Nuance Jacket and Leap Skort) that can be worn for any kind of workout. The accessories are what made this outfit specific to golf. Her GloveIt Golf Glove in leopard print is butter soft and comes with a matching case. Her Kangol Bamboo Geez Cap is eco-friendly and classic with a twist. The final touch--the Ecco Street Shoes--are built for golf play without the formal golf fringe. The metallic leather gives this look major UMPH.



Bianca Jade MizzFIT fitness outfit Today Show

What I mean by transitional is that you can wear this outfit pre and post-gym. It's posh enough for lunching with friends and running errands without giving you that uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to cover up or go home and change. MPG Sport's Freedom Top and Nova Pant could easily be mistaken for everyday casual-wear and even if you've already worked out they're quick to dry. So as long as you've got deoderant, there's no rush to change your clothes. If you go up a size in the Nova Pant, it has a luxurious and loose dress pant feel. My Adidas SLVR Clima Wedge shoes are surprisingly comfortable for walking but PLEASE DON'T WORK OUT IN THEM! Switch to flat sneakers once you get to the gym. The Clima's cushioned wedge heel appeals to shorties like me who love a "lift". Don't wear socks--go commando! I switched out the laces for hot pink ones (black looks good too). For accessories I wore a RioSoul iPod-holder belt (to accentuate my waist-line), Femme Fitale Fitness zebra print training gloves (with fuss-free adjustable velcro closure), and a Black RumbaTime layered with my jewelry. Fitness instructors who use clip-on microphones will love the RioSoul belt. It's where the Today Show staff secured my mic.



I'm excited to announce my best and biggest giveaway to date thanks to all the brands that provided fitness couture for the Today Show. Here's what I'm giving away:

  • 2 running outfits in a size L and XL (MPG Sport Vivid Top + Soffe Zebra Print Run Shorts)
  • 1 sexy gym outfit in a size M (MPG Sport Essential Knee Tight + Soffe Zebra Print Sports Bra)
  • 2 MeSheeky Nico skirts in a size XS and S with a Banjees Wrist Wallet
  • 1 MPG Sport Leap Skort in a size S with a Banjees Wrist Wallet

To enter the Best Giveaway in MizzFIT History please leave a comment below with your favorite look from the Today Show video clip along with a request for a fitness look that you'd like to see covered in my next trend report. Please tell me which prize you want! Winners will be picked on April 24th of 2011. Can't wait to read all your comments!


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


fit couture

Say what's on your mind!

Suzan April 11th, 2011 7:10PM

So hard to choose, but I'd have to say that I loved Tyra's look! That Stella McCartney satin run jacket is a head turner. And the zebra accents added so much to the outfit!

I'm based in LA and mostly hike and bike. Any suggestions?

MizzFIT April 11th, 2011 7:34PM


I'm always full of suggestions but I need to know what you're looking to improve first! Also, which giveaway prize are you interested in? Thanks!


Karin April 12th, 2011 5:28AM

I am so taken by those running shoes on Tyra that I will check out more of Stella McC's designs for Adidas. Lauren looks so cute in her tennis togs she should consider taking up the sport!
In the spring my thoughts turn to hiking. Love to see what's new in well-designed footwear.
The McSheeky Nico skirt in S is my prize wish.

Nik April 12th, 2011 9:05AM

LOVE the tennis look! I might have to take up tennis...
I would really appreciate your suggestions on what to wear to a hip hop dance class. I have been taking a super fun class but my background is more ballet and lyrical jazz so I find it challenging to adapt what I normally wear.
I would be thrilled to win anything is size SMALL.

Suzan April 12th, 2011 9:25AM

Hi MizzFit,

Technically I bike to my hike (it's LA, aferall), but I would have to say I never know what to wear on the hikes themselves. I feel out of place in sweats and old Ts, and my one FILA Track Suit is pretty played out. How do I dress in layers and still not be a head turner in the wrong direction?

I would be thrilled with the size M sexy gym outfit.


MizzFIT April 12th, 2011 10:03AM

Hi Nik, couture it is! And you're entered for the giveaway. Thanks for your comment and I agree that the tennis look rocks!


MizzFIT April 12th, 2011 10:05AM

Hi Suzan,

You've know inspired me to put together apparel & accessory looks for both biking and hiking. Please stay tuned and you're officially entered for the giveaway!

Thanks girl!


p.s. awesome that you bike to your hike. Good way to pack 2 workouts into one!

Molly April 12th, 2011 7:24PM

I loved Lauren's look, the Vata Brasil dress is SO CUTE! As someone who has recently lost weight, as much as I am excited that I've met my goals I am unfortunately finding that a lot of my old workout clothes don't fit any longer, so the stretchiness of her look really appeals to me! I would love for you to do a spotlight about more stretchy clothing or perhaps some low-cost looks since I've been struggling with updating my workout wardrobe as I drop sizes. Thanks so much! I would love the size medium outfit, by the way.

MizzFIT April 12th, 2011 9:28PM


This problem of yours is A GOOD THING! Yes--it's annoying to have to rebuild a wardrobe, but let's face've shrunken and deserve some new clothes for reaching your goals successfully. Flattering fitness fashion will also inspire you to maintain your weight loss so I promise to focus on stretchy apparel that's sexy and affordable. You're now entered for the giveaway. By chance do you play tennis? Thanks for your comment and please go chuck those old fitness clothes because you won't be wearing that size again.


Crystal Ashe April 13th, 2011 12:42PM

My favorite look would have to be Nicole's. I've been a skirt over pants kind of girl forever! I'd love to see something on triathlon wear or rock climbing. I'm so glad that I found your site on mesheeky! If I should happen to win, I would love the MeSheeky skirt in XS. Thanks!

Jenny Moore April 13th, 2011 1:23PM

I LOVE the Zumba inspired outfit! I'm tired of wearing my pants every class, and the layered look will keep me from worrying about showing too much.
I'd love to see a great weight cross-training outfit featured.
My choice is definetly the Mesheeky skirt!

Matt April 13th, 2011 4:25PM

Great work, Bianca. Keep moving forward and building the Mizzfit brand.

MizzFIT April 13th, 2011 7:02PM

Thank you, Matt!

Lydia April 14th, 2011 7:09PM

Hi mizzFIT! I loved thosee shoes on Tyra!!! they were so interesting, i never imagined that you could have running shoes without socks. I would really like it if you covered the different types of workout tanks for spring/summer.
My choice would have to be the gym outfit in M :)

MizzFIT April 15th, 2011 8:10PM

Hi Lydia!

You're not the only one who loved Tyra's shoes! Tyra loved them so much that I let her keep them after the fashion show. They're definitely a different approach to running and personally I've never been a fan of clunky, cage-y it was a no-brainer to include them in my fashion show! I will definitely cover workout tanks for you. You're officially a giveaway contender. Thanks for leaving a comment, Lydia!


MizzFIT April 15th, 2011 8:20PM

Hi Crystal,

I just wrapped on a video that speaks to Triathlon training activewear! So you'll get to see something very soon and learn about a great way to prep for Triathlons too! Rock climbing styling is a great suggestion! You're now entered in the giveaway for the MeSheeky fitness skirt. Thanks for your comment!

Your new friend, MizzFIT

MizzFIT April 15th, 2011 8:33PM

Hi Jenny,

I just emailed you a response to the sweet message you sent a few days ago. So glad to see you left a comment here on this blog post. The skirt & capri pairing is really nice for workouts like Zumba, Nia, Jazz and the Groove Method. The skirt lets you express your feminine side and curves without baring it all. And there's something about wearing a dress or skirt for dancing that makes it more enticing. You're good for the giveaway but please tell me which size in the Mesheeky skirt (the sizes avail are XS and S). Thanks!


Erica Sietsma April 20th, 2011 4:50PM

Hi MizzFit...I loved your fitness fashion on the Today Show and it totally inspired me to Style Up 2 Shape Up for a recent yoga class. (A friend was the instructor and I didn't want to embarrass her with all my old ratty tees and capri leggins that have literally been cut at the knees and waist because the got too tight - redface)

I'm interested in choices in fitness fashion specifically for busty women. I am struggling with sports bras.

Also, I want to pick back up cycling and the women's gear is HORRIBLE!! Most of it's pink, purple, teal, black or the "jersey" style. I suck at cycling, so I don't need to pretend I'm riding for USPS a la Lance Armstrong. The biking shorts cut into my fat roll me a massive muffin top and then, since I look anything but stylish, I don't want to go out. The final horrid cycling part is the socks! I know this sounds random, but they are bad. Just bad. Go to a cycling store and check out the selection for women's socks. It's like a weird time warp!

Obvi, I will be entering for the running gear...partly because that's the only thing in my size and partly because my running gear (like everything else I have described) is old school.

Also, I TOTALLY want that super hot golf glove...should I use the links above to buy?

MizzFIT April 20th, 2011 5:15PM

Hi Erica!

I love long comments so let me begin to tackle this piece by piece.

1. Love that you Styled Up 2 Shape Up! Isn't it fun? Especially since there's a lot of cute yoga clothes to choose from.

2. You should check out Moving Comfort sports bras. Here's a direct link:

3. I have a feeling you might enjoy a nice moisture wicking bootleg workout pant for cycling, which would be really cute paired with a supportive workout tank in pink. I say "pink" because this color tends to look nice on most people as it complements fleshy skin tones. has great functional apparel for serious outdoor cycling and their tops are soft and will keep you dry. I'd get your pants from Lululemon or Reese Activewear. And if you're looking to save a few bucks, the C9 line for Champion at Target has some phenomenal tanks in bright solid colors. Last year I bought them in every color available for around $14.99. As far as socks go, well, if you continue to read my blog you will realize that I'm not a huge fan of socks and generally choose soft ventilated sneakers that accommodate sock-less-ness. If you're scared to go there, I recommend buying fitness ankle socks. Paragon Sports always has a good selection.

4. You're entered for the giveaway and the run outfit is truly the bees knees (that means "cool").

5. Yes, follow the link to the Golf glove. But fyi, they don't come in pairs (just 1 glove per package) but then again, why would you need 2 for golf, right?

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and fit needs. I'm always here for guidance!

Your friend,

Giselle Peltro April 21st, 2011 1:59AM

Hi MizzFIT,

Finally, something that can make me feel like a lady when I'm working out. Many times, I don't workout in public because I feel like everything that's decent to wear in public, for my size, looks like guy clothes. I love the peekaboo looks with the zumba skirt and the leggins. Really nice!!!!
I'd love to have the running outfits because I love to walk/jog. That's my favorite activity and Zumba is next! Thank you for following your instincts and letting people my size know that we're not forgotten...

Jennie April 21st, 2011 6:11AM

Hi MizzFit,

I really loved this video. Very informative! My favorite look was the MeSheeky Nico skirt with the Bodyrock top! Very cute. Since the weather is starting to get nice out, I will be cycling outside. I am interested in seeing some of these looks. I am a size small.

Wanda Medina April 21st, 2011 9:25AM

Hey!!! What a wonderful segment on your workout gear, i must say that i did love the the metallic jacket and the open sneakers......but my fav is the leopard banjees wrist wallet that holds things that you can't really leave in the corner of the gym floor. If i do win a prize i would love to have the XL jogging outfit. Thanx and i will be checking out this website frequently.

MizzFIT April 21st, 2011 7:54PM

Hi Giselle,

First of all, you're NEVER forgotten! You are the reason this website exists. If we weren't constantly trying to be "better" or on a journey to fit, then what would be the point? It's all about feeling good and looking great on our journey to fit (which is ongoing). There's really no end point, if you think about it. At least I know from my own experience that staying in shape is a constant challenge in my life.

I'm just gonna put it out there: I LOVE TO EAT! But I quickly learned that I can't eat the way I like to without exercise to balance out all those calories (and fat and whatever else lives in the foods I love). Just because we're not all a size 0 or Glamour Girls who've never popped a button off their pants (fyi, I've been there Giselle), doesn't mean we can't flaunt the rockin' bodies God gave us. I believe as long as we do it with grace and style that flatters our physiques, we deserve to walk into any gym like it's our personal catwalk and feel proud. I have a feeling you agree! You're entered in the giveaway, my darling. Thank you for leaving your comment and please know that women like yourself are always top of mind and in my heart.

Stay true, beautiful and fit!


MizzFIT April 21st, 2011 7:58PM

Hi Jennie!

You're in luck, my friend! I'm seconds away from posting a cycling fashion article on Thanks for the compliment on the Zumba look--it was inspired by my love for the 80's and rocker style. I truly love BodyRock Sport's stud and crystal embellishments because they're subtle and don't feel cheezy when you have them on. Thanks for your comment and you're now good for the giveaway!


MizzFIT April 21st, 2011 8:04PM

Hi Wanda,

Banjees are the best! I especially love them for long runs because sometimes I like to take a break half-way through and take in the sunset or the amazing view of the Statue of Liberty (I like to run in the direction of Battery Park). When I'm wearing a Banjees, I don't have to worry about my keys, cash or phone bouncing around or potentially falling out of my pockets. Plus, I can always capture the view with my camera phone and post it to Facebook if I carry my blackberry in my Banjees wrist wallet. It makes sharing the moment hassle-free. Thanks for your comment and you're now entered for the giveaway!


Lizz April 22nd, 2011 4:39AM

First of all - loved the segment! That is so cool :D

My favorite look was the golf look. I thought it was so cute.. haha and I don't even golf!! As far as a look I want to see.. How can I take all my traditional/boring outfits and make them cute? I usually shop at nike.

I would like the MeSheeky Nico skirts in a size XS and S with a Banjees Wrist Wallet.

Thank you!!!!

Jee April 22nd, 2011 4:42AM

MizzFit thank you SO much!!! I hate going to the gym.. and I just don't like looking non-girly. Thank you for showing me there are options out there :)
With that said.. I have no butt. Help?

I would like to win the MPG Sport Leap Skort in a size S with a Banjees Wrist Wallet.

Thanks again!

MizzFIT April 22nd, 2011 4:45PM

Hi Lizz,

What a sensational idea you've shared with me. I'm definitely going to cover this topic of "styling up with the activewear you already own" because sometimes a budget for gym clothes is nonexistent, right? Even though I hate to say it, we're not all billionairesses with unlimited income to shop for fitness apparel. The golf look was a home run--thank you for agreeing! You're entered for the giveaway!


MizzFIT April 22nd, 2011 5:09PM

Hi Jee!

No butt? No problem. I suggest a pant or capri that gives you a lift or the illusion of having more of a bubble butt. My mom, who's a total cutie (check her out here: doesn't have a butt either and she looks great in these capris from FILA because they have structured gusseting that give your legs and buttocks more form. Plus, the lycra fabric they're made from is heavier and provides a supported lift:

Also, I like these from Vata Brasil because the contrast color blocking gives your butt a fuller look:

As far as exercises to bulk up and tone your butt, this is my favorite one:

You're good for the giveaway. Thanks for your comment!


Katelynn April 23rd, 2011 3:24AM

My favorite outfit would be your transitional look, only because I'm tall I would pair it with shoes like those black ballet flats by Puma.
I would like to see a look that can be taken from exercise machines to zumba to yoga. Perhaps something ballet inspired? I do a lot of barre exercises and am really inspired by dancers.
I would like to win the:
* 2 running outfits in a size L and XL (MPG Sport Vivid Top + Soffe Zebra Print Run Shorts)
I'm a size L now and all of my XL clothing no longer fits-so I would love to have something that is no longer falling off of me!

MizzFIT April 23rd, 2011 10:35AM

Hi Katelynn!

Niiiiiiiice! Someone likes the look I wore! I was kind of obsessed with it the entire day because I was so incredibly comfortable wearing it but I didn't feel like I was wearing gym clothes, although I've totally worn that outfit to workout already! Ballet is a great suggestion for an upcomgin fitness fashion story. And I love barre too! I'm checking out FlyBarre tomorrow at Flywheel Sports. I'm curious about how it compares to all the other Barre classes out there. You're all set to go for the giveaway! Thanks for leaving your comment.


Katelynn April 23rd, 2011 12:47PM

It does look super comfy-I like the belt-I've never seen anything like it! I'm addicted to the Physique 57 DVDs-have you ever tried P57?

MizzFIT April 23rd, 2011 7:17PM


I've been doing Physique for a few years, but just not as regularly as I used to. There was a time that I took Phy57 classes twice a week! I think it's a great workout for sure. Have a nice weekend!


MizzFIT April 27th, 2011 11:49AM

Hello fitness ladies!

Here are the winners of the BEST GIVEAWAY IN MIZZFIT HISTORY:

Giselle - Run Outfit
Katelynn - Run Outfit
Crystal Ashe - MeSheeky Skirt + Banjee
Nik - MeSheeky Skirt + Banjee
Molly - Sexy Gym Outfit
Jee - MPG Leap Skort + Banjee


Thanks and congratulations to all the winners!


Jee April 28th, 2011 2:18AM


Nik May 18th, 2011 2:42AM

I received my MeSheeky Skirt and Banjee wrist wallet a few days ago. I LOVE them! I tend to buy fairly traditional workout wear - think all-black Lulu - and these are taking me out of my confort zone into something pretty stylish. THANK YOU, MizzFIT!!

MizzFIT May 18th, 2011 2:51PM

Hi Jee,

You're welcome so much! Did you receive it already? Are you going to send a pic for the winner's album?

I really hope so!


MizzFIT May 18th, 2011 2:55PM

Hi Nik!

I'm thrilled to hear that you received your prize package and that you love the MeSheeky skirt and Banjees wrist wallet! And I love that you're moving away from all black...color is your friend! You are most definitely very welcome and I hope you'll email me a photo of your skirt and wrist wallet for my contest winners album. Check it out here:

I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


Jamie Barker May 20th, 2011 5:02AM

Thanks for showing everyone some fashionable fitness looks! I love those Femme Fitale gloves with the transitional look!

MizzFIT May 20th, 2011 7:52AM

Hi Jamie,

You are very welcome and Femme Fitale Fitness Gloves are one of my personal favorite fitness accessories. Do you wear training gloves to work out ever?