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Got Skin Problems? Treat Yourself to Healing Insight from a Woman Who Empowers Me: Nitika Chopra


Psoriasis and eczema SUCK. That's Why Nitika Chopra and I wanted to talk about it. They're skin problems that have challenged our lives and made simple things like going out with friends and hitting the gym both painful and embarrassing. I'm not ashamed of my eczema but when Nitika told me her story and the extent of her psoriasis, I wanted to open up about it more. Because I know we're not the only ones...

WATCH my interview with Nitika Chopra, part of my Women Who Empower series on YouTube, about how to flip your outlook on the tough challenges you've been dealt in life. Nitika's story is truly inspirational.

I'm thrilled to announce that shortly after filming this interview with Nitika, she landed her very own talk show called Naturally Beautiful which will be premiering soon on the Veria Living Network. It was always her dream to be on television and it's amazing that she overcame psoriatic arthritis and other obstacles in her life to make that dream happen. When I'm around Nitika I feel blessed, confident and inspired by her energy. Check out her site Bella Life and tell me what you think!

Have you ever struggled with physically debilitating condition?

How did it affect your mood and fitness routine? What did you or are you doing to flip your outlook? Please share your story with me below in the comments section.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



Say what's on your mind!

Liz Stark April 5th, 2013 6:16PM

Great interview! So important to stay as strong as possible when dealing with a debilitating condition, no matter if it's on the inside or outside. I battle Crohn's Disease, and thankfully it is under control and not an "outside condition." However, before it was in "remission," it was very hard to stay strong - I felt like my body was against me as I got weaker and frailer. I fought hard, tackled the health obstacle, and won. While Crohn's flare-ups are inevitable at least once a year (and there's no cure for the condition), I'm thankful it's under control.

Even though my condition isn't skin-related, I can definitely relate the the struggles of dealing with something that can compromise how one feels about one's self and capabilities.

Here's to remaining determined and strong through it all! Again, great interview with Nitika.

MizzFIT April 6th, 2013 8:50AM

Thanks for sharing your story. I know several people who have Crohn’s and heard about the symptoms. I feel for you but I also know you're a resilient woman and won't let anyone stop ya from going where you're going in life! Life is all about challenges, right? They make us more interesting people and they help us help others. Thank you so much for the compliments on the interview with Nitika, and of course, thanks for watching!


brittany monroe April 6th, 2013 4:19PM

What a wonderful video!! Nitika is such a sweet down to earth wonderful person! Like you said its so hard to believe that someone so happy and just oozing with kindness could have suffered from something so awful! I am so proud of you both for sharing your stories, when I'm sure you both wanted to hide them and yourselves form the world at one point. Having the strength to talk about it and learn from it is huge. I love that she is using this to help others and to give them the stregnth they need to get through it!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

MizzFIT April 8th, 2013 5:57AM

Hi Brittany,

Your welcome. Funny this video should go up now because I had a terrible outbreak of eczema last night all over my body. Today was tough because I'm covered in uncomfortable bumps and my skin looks red and blotchy. Resisting the urge to scratch raw my arms, shoulders and back is super hard. But over the years it's become a mental challenge that I try to take on.

Eczema is not easy but it's my reality. It's important for me to share the truth so that I can bond with other women out there that have dealt or are dealing with the same thing. We can learn from each other and NOT feel like "crazy skin diseased" girls together. Most importantly we don't feel alone. Sometimes that's all it takes to make the "dis-ease" go away. Know what I mean?

Thanks for commenting, girlie! Always love hearing what you've got to say!


MizzFIT April 10th, 2013 1:11AM

Hi Brit,

I'm a fighter. I keep moving on and won't let much stop me! God gives us challenges in life because he wants to see us step up to the plate. I'm not religious but I kind of believe that...whoever this guy God is, he's a tough cookie!