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Thanksgiving happened. You stuffed your face. NOW WHAT?

Fitness - Entertainment


Got no energy? Feeling like a cinder block? Tryptophan (the amino acid in turkey) will do that to you. Give the leftovers a break (those turkey sandwiches can wait) and get moving by following the tips in the 2 articles below.

I'm quoted in both articles and you better believe I practice what I preach. The tips I share get me through EVERY Thanksgiving. 'Cause I've got sequen garments and holiday parties to look smokin' hot for! And HELLO--you do too! So let's get back on the workout program together. Turkey schmurkey. Thanksgiving who?


Ate Too Much at Thanksgiving Dinner? Do These 3 Exercises


Top 3 Tips to Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving



written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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