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11 Songs for a Fit & Healthy Farewell to 2011


I'm calling it Goodbye 2011 because as one year ends an even better one gets ushered in. I know you're with me on this one!

PLEASE BEWARE! This is an unconventional workout mix but I quite like it because it starts with Ludo (I went to highschool with frontman, Andrew Volpe) and ends with my new-found musical crush, Michael Kiwanuka. My puggles and I are listening to the mix right now as we prepare to go out for an evening run.


*Hit the pink "MizzFIT Playlist" button for the mix I made for ya!*

You can also find my Goodbye 2011 workout mix ---> RIGHT HERE

Do your dogs (if you have any) like to chill out to music? What kind? Let me know if you and your furballs approve of the mix.

bianca puggles picture

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND - from me, Shorty & Leroy!


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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