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Carissa Moore: Youngest World Champion in the History of Sports...and a Homeowner!

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I got the chance to catch up with Hawaiian pro surfer Carissa Moore while she was visiting NYC. What I found is that she's a champ in more ways than one. She's the youngest world champion in the history of sports AND she's a smart young woman who knows nothing can be achieved without hard work. One of the things Carissa is most proud of is being a homeowner--because she earned it. This 19 year old isn't going rogue. She's going big time.

Click the link below to read my interview with quite possibly the chillest over-achiever on the planet:

Carissa Moore's Celebrity Sweat Interview

Want Carissa's workout without actually having to hit the waves?

Check out SurfSET Fitness, an indoor cardio and resistance training class performed on a machine called the RipSurferX which looks and feels just like a surfboard. The workout promises a fit-surfer-body just like Carissa's. I'm planning to check it out myself in January and the feedback from the lucky ones who've already tried it is really positive. Right now, classes are only in NYC and Boston but look out for SurfSET becoming a nation-wide trend. My guess is that the places where people surf the least is where this trend will be the most popular.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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