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Pole Dancing for Fitness! 6 Tips to Style Up 2 Shape Up for Your Sexiest Workout


Pole Dancing


Why did I make a Pole Dancing video? Isn't that for strippers?

I made this video to show you how fun and empowering pole dancing is as a workout. And no, these poles aren't found at a strip joint or "men's club". They're found in pole dancing fitness studios like Body & Pole NYC that welcome any woman or man to try it out. It's not easy but it's become one of my favorite ways to stay in shape. Follow my 6 fitness fashion tips in the video to hit the pole in style and swing your way to fit.


Like the Fitness Fashion in this video? Need to look hot for class?

Here's where you can find all the outfits I styled for the girlzz.

On Me: (left) Jo&Jax The Princess Top, (right) HotDrop Apparel Nikki Bra Top and String Along Short

On Kyra: Vata Brasil Bra198, Onzie Animal Torquoise Booty Short, Americal Apparel Leg Warmer

On Lian: Jo&Jax Ruffle Top and Nux USA Emma Drawstring Short

On Nicola: American Apparel Loose Crop Top, Oscar Mimosa Performance Singlet, Bijubee Geo Square Short

On Paula: HotDrop Brallet, Splits59 Dana Seamless Cami & Helena V Back Pullover, Soffe Tiger Print Compression Shorts

On Amelia: (left) 351Yoga Apparel Bra Top with Jo&Jax Shorties, (right) HotDrop Apparel Brallet


This video was shot and directed by the incredibly talented and handsome Frank Boccia. Make-up and hair styling by the lovely Sarah Wood. Big thanks to everyone at Body & Pole for housing our shoot.


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



Say what's on your mind!

Jessica April 9th, 2012 3:37PM

your hair looks pretty

MizzFIT April 9th, 2012 8:53PM

Hi Jessica!

Awww, you're so sweet! I was actually not 100% loving my hair that day. We were shooting on a schedule and I didn't have time to go through hair (only makeup) because I wanted to make sure all my models got taken care too. Thanks for leaving your very sweet comment!



Tamara April 16th, 2012 4:59PM

Never really thought about pole dancing as a good workout, but maybe now I will seek out a local studio. As usual, love the music! Can you please start posting playlists of the music you use in the videos?

MizzFIT April 18th, 2012 9:41AM

Hi Tamara,

I had never thought about it as a transformational workout either until I took classes for 5 weeks straight and fell in love! I have to give my director, Frank Boccia, all the credit for the music selection and I will definitely ask him for the playlist and post it here for you. Great idea, btw, about the music and I will attempt to do this as well. Thanks for your comment, T!

Sending you fitness-love!

Doug April 24th, 2012 12:02AM

I always treated pole dancing workouts as a joke...until I lost a bet and had to join a friend for her most popular Monday night class.

Me (240 lbs of muscle) and a room full of pole dancing Glamazons.

Needless to say, I inspired a LOT of laughter (good natured for the most part)

MizzFIT April 25th, 2012 8:50AM

Dearest Doug,

You are a ROCKSTAR! Thank you for sharing this story and I have so much respect for you to admit that it's quite a workout, and not just silly girls dancing around a pole. I wish I had been there to watch you in class. Oh well, I guess you'll have to let me know the next time you decide to give it a twirl. Anyway, you are awesome. I'm sure the Glamazons all loved you!!!!