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Need a New Assitude?


David Kirsch thinks you do. He’s the man responsible for shaping Heidi Klum’s derriere which looks amazing even when she’s preggers. His new book is designed for all body types and best of all, for both men and women. Butt Book is an easy-to-follow, fully illustrated manual of exercises that Kirsch uses to train fitness clients at his NYC gym.

Get it now because let’s admit we’ve turned into a butt loving society. There’s nothing shameful in it. We’ve arrived at a time where it’s alright to thumbs-up, applaud or curtsy to a nice juicy butt. Just make sure the butt getting all the attention is yours.

Check out David’s Summer Body Shape-Up blog on

Buy David Kirsch’s Butt Book here:

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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