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Slimming Summer Swimwear That's Fashionable and Built to Move In (with pal, Jillian Michaels!)

Fitness - Fashion/Gift

Slimming Swimwear with Jillian Michaels


My Summer Swimwear Philosophy

If you're near the water, why not get in, have fun and get some exercise? That's why it’s important to choose stylish swimwear that looks just as good in the water as it does out of the water. Watch me show Jillian Michaels some of my favorite slimming swim styles above. Then scroll your way down for more tips on how to Style Up 2 Shape Up for all kinds of water sports, and where to score a water resistant purse.


No One's Perfect!

Especially those models you see on the cover of Vogue. Believe me, I sat front row at Mara Hoffman's Swim Fashion Week 2011 Show and the models on the catwalk weren't flawless (even though they were gorgeous). What I'm sayin' is don't become overly critical about your body just because it's swim season. Like I say in the video to Jillian, shop for your empowered self! Here are some great tips for how to do that:

Look Slimmer, Feel More Confident With These Simple Tips

Mix & Match
Don’t go skimpy on both top and bottom. For 2-pieces, be more conservative in the area that you’re looking to slim down. Cover up less in the areas that give you the greatest confidence. This way you won't feel insecure when you're 1-handed wakeboarding!

Ruching & Shirring
Look for swimwear that features a gathering of fabric at sides or across the tummy. Ruching & shirring magically cinch a waistline and give you a tummy tuck!

Ruffles are flirty and very feminine, and they can also hide trouble zones! It's lame to feel comfortable in your swimsuit! Go for a 1-piece with ruffles across the middle instead of walk around sucking it all day. And for god sakes, eat something!

Retro can be your savior! This season's retro suits are super sculpted and stylish. They’re built to push you up on top like a bustier and cover up more on the bottom with a lower/wider cut. The total effect is a smaller looking waistline and a supported (more lifted). Sometimes it's better to leave more to the imagination than let it all hang out.

Bandage Wrap
Bandage wrap 1-pieces work exactly like the bandage wrap dress! They're made with a thicker, more resilient lining that sucks you in where you need it and gives you a bangin' silhouette.

Tankini Tops
Wanna show off a sliver a skin without calling attention to your entire tummy? Try a tankini (a bikini that wears like a tank top). They're incredibly comfortable, especially for water sports. You can even create the illusion of a 1-piece with a tankini that extends over your bikini bottom to elongate your torso. Find one with ruching in a dark hue for maximum slim-down. And don't be afraid to mismatch your tankini top with a funkier or brighter colored bottom.

Wide Banded Bottom
Bottoms with a wider band are always more slimming because they create the illusion of wider hips to lean out your midsection.

Swim Skirt & Dresses
These are a sassy way to dress up your curves and let your cheeks peek out without pouring out. A belled-out bottom not only enhances your curves, it gives you the option to turn your swimsuit into an outfit. Throw on a tee or a flow-y tank and you're golden to step off the beach and head to your favorite juice bar. Pick me up a green juice!


Where Can You Find A Stylish Swimsuit That Slims You? is where I shop online and where I found 3 of the suits featured on Jillian's show.  Their swimwear is high quality, high-class and high fashion. They offer free shipping both ways, too! My favorite slimming lines that they carry are Athena, Luxe and Hurley.


What's With The Funky Clutch Purses In The Video?

THANK GOD you asked because the Pochi-Mon is a phenomenal swim accessory! You can take a Pochi-Mon clutch along for water activities because it's made from silicone which is water resistant. Pochi-Mon fits the essentials like your phone, cash, keys or anything small you want to carry with you as you make your way to beach volleyball.

Make sure you buy the Pochi-Mon clutch bag and not the coin-purse (which is a lot smaller but looks deceivingly large online). I found these Pochi-Mon's for you on Amazon in Magenta, Orange, and Purple.


Now What I Really Want To Know Is...

Who do you think is taller? Me or Jillian? Take a guess in the comments section below. I'll reveal the truth once I get enough guesses.


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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Say what's on your mind!

Miranda May 26th, 2012 5:08PM

Hey Bianca!
I'm so impressed!! You've come a long way since when I first met you. I'm really happy for you!!

I will play along and say that Jillian is taller ;)

MizzFIT May 26th, 2012 8:37PM

Hiya Miranda!

Why thank you! I love impressing savvy fitness divas like yourself :) And if I've come a long way it's entirely because of inspiring women like yourself who have pushed me along and motivated me to keep on going! Know what I mean? Id love to catch up with you soon and maybe get in a workout too! Hope you're smiling wherever you are!

Oh, and thanks for the guess! I shall reveal the answer SOON!

Bianca Jade/MizzFIT

Frydel May 27th, 2012 7:59PM

Bianca, I will guess you are taller. Congratulations, you are doing great.

MizzFIT May 27th, 2012 8:56PM

Hi Frydel,

Thanks so much! Love your guess! It's a close one...that is, the difference in height between Jillian and I. I hope you are doing well with your recovery and I'm always rooting for you! You are a true survivor and fitness warrior inside and out!


Bianca Jade/ MizzFIT

Donna June 5th, 2012 4:19PM

Love the video! I did a post on this about a month ago! Hope this helps ladies out, too!

MizzFIT June 6th, 2012 3:41AM

Hi Donna,

I just read your post! Wow, you really cover all the body types out there, miss yoga-in-heels! Loving it and thanks for sharing!