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The New York City Marathon 2012: Why the Show Must Go On and Critics Should Hush


Heard the controversy over the ING NYC Marathon? Non-running New Yorkers are up in arms about it. They're saying resources are being misused for "entertainment's sake"...that a marathon during survival mode is unnecessary and disrespectful. The NY Post is so anti-marathon they won't cover any of the amazing runner stories or charities tied to the race. Instead, the Post is bad-mouthing it.

People are PISSED...and I don't blame them. But I still don't think the marathon should be canceled. 40,000+ runners from all over the world including myself are laced up and ready to go. I believe the show must go on! Here's why...

1. Because it sends out a message to the rest of the country and the world that New York City will survive, rebuild and be stronger than ever.

 It's an attitude...a state of mind...A GOAL.

2. Because it's freakin' positive! The race will inject our city with good spirit and solidarity.

3. Because exercise relieves stress and makes the people who do it immediately feel better.

4. Because tons of people in New York don't have power/water or even a home, and need somewhere to go and something to do.

 Like me! I've been homeless since Saturday and wearing the same clothes.

5. Because New Yorkers are BAD ASS MOTHER F*CKERS. We have been beaten down and blasted before. We've let terrorists and natural disasters destroy our lives before. But not this time. Oh no, not this time. To run is to fight. And that is what New Yorkers do. We like to be heard. That is why on November 4th, 2012, the world will hear our feet and resilience against the pavement. 'Cause we're crazy like that.

The NY Post can complain all they want. I just see their whining as negative and a waste of energy that can be used to think and act positively.

I released this statement to news outlets today:

While I understand the city's concern for allotting too many city workers to look after routes and runners, and generators being used to "power" the race, we must not lose site of the millions of dollars that are raised for charity every year through the ING NY Marathon. We (the NYC Marathon runners) want to honor our commitment to our charities and to SURVIVAL. We must show the world that we can weather any storm and keep the greatest city on earth going.

I believe that in this bleak and trying time, the ING NYC Marathon gives us something amazing to look forward to. It's a long road to recovery but we will make it to the finish. The marathon is proof of that. 

We must push forward. We cannot give up on the events that spark New York City (and beyond) with joy and pride.


If you're running on Sunday, I'll see you out there!



written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



Say what's on your mind!

Sharon November 3rd, 2012 12:53PM

Love your reasons for "The show must go on!" Good Luck on Sunday! What do you plan on eating after the race?

Laura Kovall November 3rd, 2012 5:06PM

Sorry Bianca that the marathon was canceled! You trained so hard and I know you were running for your uncle! I would love to run a half with you tomorrow in honor of your uncle and cross the finish line! Sophia can join us for the last few miles! xo

MizzFIT November 5th, 2012 4:45PM

Hi Sharon,

Happy you appreciated my reasons. AS you prob heard, the race ended up being canceled. I complained and sulked but ended up running 6 miles yesterday anyways. SO glad I always have your support. And after the 6 miles I actually split a panini with Laura Kovall (@babybumpfittips) who ran the distance with me :)
Hope your weekend was pleasant.


MizzFIT November 5th, 2012 4:46PM


Thanks so much for running with me yesterday! It was all the more special to have MizzFIT & BabyBumpFitTips forces working together and pushing forward despite the disheartening news.

Let's do the half together in the Spring. We need to sign up soon!


Laura Kovall November 5th, 2012 7:39PM

Bianca- I am all about the half with you! I had a great run with you yesterday! So glad I could help you push forward!