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Fit Ladies, Good Deeds! These Women Deserve Medals for their Philanthropic Moves.

Health - Fashion/Gift


THe article is still in the works. But basically I plan to feature 4 to 5 women in fitness (entrepreneurs like you and I) who each disclose their charity affiliation and why that charity means something to them. I'm going to start the article off talking about Degregorio Foundation (the charity I'm running for) and then intro all the women, the companies they own, what they're known for (like if a product, event or something else helped establish them), what their charity is and why that charity is meaningful to them.



"And I've also supported the Center for Anti-Violence Education in Brooklyn for many years. They have karate and self-defense training programs for women, transpeople, and children, many of whom have had terrible experiences in their lives that brought them there. "

BOL is a charity that Well+Good has supported, most concretely with a fundraising yoga class at Pure Yoga.

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"the short answer is I've given with cash or donated goods that the various agencies needed. At the magazine I used to work for before W+G, where I was the beauty director, I'd clean out the giant beauty closet with a sale for all the company employees. Everyone loved it, and all the money went to a great non-profit like CAE.

Why others should give: I think everyone has a cause that resonates for them, something powerful or meaningful. And it's an essential part of being here on planet earth that we help, give, and serve in some way. I think that's the reward."

"Like I said, most of my charity affiliation is my own, not the site's, and is very personal to me, having lost my mother 6 months ago."


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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