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Roux Maison Detergent Lets Your Activewear Recover Too


You wear your body out enough during your workouts. No need for your detergent to do that to your clothes. The next time you go to wash your favorite sports bra or sport bikini, use Roux Maison’s detergent and I promise you’ll see a difference! Here’s why: other detergents leave a harsh chemical residue that breaks down the fabric in activewear, stretching out elastic, and causing colors to fade. Roux Maison Sport and Swimwear detergent ($13.75 - $16.99) is different because it’s eco-friendly, all-natural, and uses only 100% pure oils to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Now that’s what I call endurance!!!
written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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