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Music to Move Your Caboose



Check out my latest workout mix and shake that booty until it's firm and yum yum. Just click the pink MizzFIT Playlist button below and you'll be beamed over to my page of musical wonders.

MizzFIT Playlist

I'm also featuring Natasha Linton's bumpin' Peak20 Workout Playlist and it's FREE! Just go to my music page RIGHT HERE  and look for the PEAK20 album. Natasha, a kick-ass NYC based trainer, created the PEAK20 Workout to tone you up in a mere 20 minutes. Not a bad gig for ladies with a busy schedule. 20 minutes is totally do-able and excuse-free, so make sure to check out PEAK20 classes.

I'd love to know what music puts you in the zone. Please share your favorite albums/artists below and enlighten me with good stuff that I've never heard of before. And please, make sure it's upbeat. I love Sade, just not on my workout mix. So hook a sister up with something fast and peppy. Thank you!

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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