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Cassey Ho - YouTube Fitness Sensation

Fitness - Celeb interviews

Q.How has being famous online affected your life?

It’s really funny when someone recognizes me on the street or when people start staring and giggling at me but don’t say anything. In fact, it’s kind of weird! On another note, I’ve been able to work with some companies that I’ve been a fan of for years – something I’ve never even dreamed of happening.

Q.How did you get to where you are?

After I graduated from Whitter College in 2009 with a degree in Biology, I moved to Boston to become a fashion buyer for a major corporate retailer. At the same time I was running the oGorgeous line on the side. When one of my bags got featured in SHAPE Magazine, I saw an opportunity to take on my business 100%, so I left my boring 9-5 job. In the process of developing my second collection, I spent my hours at home and at the gym, so I had time to start blogging and YouTubing more.

Q.So what drew you to fitness besides your knack for designing amazing gym bags?

I really love the natural high I get after an amazing workout. But what’s even more amazing is teaching a bunch of motivated people to get fit together. I fell in love with fitness when I fell in love with teaching.

Q.Out of all the Pilates moves you teach in class and online, what's your favorite?

My favorite move is the half cobra pushup. It’s such a tiny move but kills your triceps like none other. is your website. How do you think it's impacting women?

What I love about Blogilates is the international community that has developed. Every time I post a workout video, it is like we are all working out together all over the world. Then, we talk about how sore we are on Facebook so it is like an ongoing conversation between friends. The community has kept all of us accountable and connected.

Q.What’s more fun: teaching Pilates or doing Pilates?


Q.Do you like working out with friends?

This is a funny question because sometimes I secretly wish that instead of catching up with old friends over dinner, we could catch up over dead lifts.

Q.You're TEENY. Do you really eat like a normal person?

I love food. I love cooking it, eating it, watching it, and watching people eat it. Basically I love Food Network and Man Vs. Food.

Q.I know you're into fitness fashion, so tell us what you like to wear.

If I ever don’t dress up to the gym, there must be something wrong with me. My fave brands are: Body Language Sportswear, Stella McCartney for Adidas, and Lululemon.

Q.When it comes to oGorgeous, what's your #1?

I love the Pleated Pocket Gym Bag. It is so sparkly and has so many compartments that it is seriously mesmerizing.

Q.If you could change 1 thing about the fitness industry, what would it be?

I hate the people who try to make money off of other people’s ignorance in health and fitness. Why design useless products, waste infomercial space, waste people’s money, and waste the environments’ materials when you could use your expert knowledge to truly help someone create a lifestyle change. Fooling people is not a worthy way to make money or be a leader.

Q.Any advice for people who want to be just like you?

Be authentic and genuine! This goes for any type of entrepreneur, not just fitness.

Q.Who in the fitness & health world has inspired you?

Tosca Reno for diet and fitness and Lorna Jane for fitness fashion and entrepeunership.

Q.Lastly, what should we keep our eyes peeled for?

I’m working on developing a Blogilates fitness app and releasing my first ever POP Pilates DVD! Super excited!

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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