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Brooke Villone - Baseball Wives Reality TV Star

Fitness - Celeb interviews

Q.Your celebrity star is rising with VH1\'s new show Baseball Wives. How is life in the spotlight treating you?

Well, I have been modeling since a teenager so I was in the spotlight a lot and always loved it.

Q.As a model, do you have to work hard for your slim physique or does it come naturally?

I am lucky enough to have good genes and be 5'10", however I do work out a lot.

Q.So I take it you've never struggled with your weight?

I have never had an eating disorder and I love to workout. I try to stick to a healthy diet and I workout 5-6 times a week. I do weights, cardio, Yoga and sometimes Zumba. It sometimes is harder to get to the gym as much as I used to before my daughter but running after her is sometimes a workout too!

Q.What classifies you as a fitness fanatic and what helps you stay commited?

I belong to 2 gyms in North NJ near my house. If I’m not in shape I won’t [get modeling] work.

Q.Is your fit-drive always work related?

When you are physically fit you feel better mentally. Even if I can only do a 30-minute workout I still feel better than I did before I walked into the gym.

Q.Do you ever work out with your husband, former relief pitcher Ron Villone?

My husband and I worked out a lot together before our daughter but now we take turns while one of us watches her, the other goes to the gym. Fitness is definitely a strengthening bond for a marriage because when I’m in shape I feel sexier for my husband.

Q.Speaking of your hubby, how did you 2 meet? Was he supportive of you going on Baseball Wives?

We met at a bar in Pittsburgh when he was playing for the Pirates and ironically enough my poster was in his locker and he met me the next day. He supports me in all I do so I'm lucky.

Q.Do you work out or hang out with any of the other Baseball Wives from the show?

I DO NOT hang out with any of the cast but I do have some very good friends that are baseball wives and would never want to be part of the show.

Q.How do you define sexy?

Sexy is being yourself and confident. I feel if more women worked out they would feel sexier.

Q.You bounced back immediately after giving birth. How the heck did you do that?

I stayed fit while I was pregnant because I also modeled pregnant so I only gained about 30 pounds. I didn’t over eat when I was pregnant because you really are not eating for 2. I breast fed which helped the weight at first and as soon as I got the OK from my doctor to workout, I did.

Q.Tell me about your fitness fashion loves, pretty please!

Absolutely! I love Lululemon and Nike.

Q.If you could only work out in 1 thing, what would it be?

My Nike capri fitted pants

Q.Favorite fitness trend that does your body good?

I love Zumba. I think it is great that you can dance and have fun while you are burning calories.

Q.Aside from baseball what professional sports do you watch?

I love football and I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

Q.Who's your biggest fitness inspiration?

My husband. His career speaks for itself. He played for 12 different Major League teams and played 17 years in the Major Leagues. He just retired this year but he sticks to his workout routines like he is still playing.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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