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Cherie Lily - Fitness Entertainer

Fitness - Celeb interviews

Q.Cherie, you're blowing up on the music scene! How do you balance your time between fitness and performing on stage?

Fitness is an integral part of my life and mission. I want to inspire the world to move through my music, which is why I created HOUSEROBICS. When I’m touring and on the road, I may not be able to teach my regular schedule of classes in NYC, but I drop in at gyms around the world and teach special classes.

Q.Can you give us the “Houserobics for Dummies” breakdown?

Houserobics is a genre to describe the music I create, which blends together my two greatest passions, fitness and music! Houserobics is hot, original dance music, created to inspire people around the world to move their bodies and get sweaty!

Q.Sounds like a workout to me...

Each one of my songs IS a workout. There’s a movement, an attitude, and feeling that comes out of each song that hopefully encourages people around the world to release their inhibitions and move!

Q.Your new music video "Dripping Wet" is dripping with sex appeal and is so very YOU. Best part of making it?

Thank you! I had a blast creating the “Dripping Wet” music video. It was so fun being able to capture and play with slow-motion water over beautiful human landscapes of flesh with director Andrew Strasser. We created a visual water ride!

Q.I'm intrigued by your fascination with water...

It comes from my love of getting sweaty!

Q.I noticed quite a few ripped bodies making appearances in “Dripping Wet”. Who are they?

Some of the beautiful ripped bodies featured in the video are NYC’s Powerstrike creator and fitness icon - Ilaria Montagnani, fitness guru and adventure addict – Kym Perfetto, and New York City Fire-fighters – Gerrit Nijboer, Mike Tuma, and Viny Finnemore.

Q.In your music, you say “werk” a lot. How do you mean it?

Coming from the LGBTQ community, “Werk” is a word that, to me, describes fearlessness and an attitude of “Yes, I’m here and this is who I am!”

Q.And how do you stay ripped and fit when you’re on tour?

It can definitely be challenging to workout when you’re on the road, but I stay fit by doing workouts that require no equipment, like plyometrics, squats, planks, and dancing to my favorite music!

Q.Obviously you love fitness fashion. Are your leotards just stage costumes or do you work out in them too?

All of my leotards are custom made to take heavy-duty movement and lots of sweat both on stage and in the gym!

Q.How many leotards do you own?

Oh my…I have over a hundred leotards and my collection continues to grow. All my leotards are custom made in New York City and I also have a collection of cutting-edge fitness apparel that goes beyond the gym called, Thrills Collection that I created with designer John Renaud.

Q.Clearly, you inspire all your music and group fitness fans. Who is YOUR biggest fitness inspiration?

The legendary Richard Simmons! His class in LA at Slimmons Studio is a must!

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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