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Stairway to Fit



Themed bootcamps are all the rage in NYC, but that doesn't mean traditional bootcamps cease to exist. It means they step up their game like 360Fit's indoor bootcamp where you'll jog up and down a midtown building stairwell holding a weighted ball high above your head. Did I mention this building is 20 floors high?

360Fit Bootcamp isn't fancy or frilly. When you arrive, you'll wonder if you wrote down the right address. The space is small but don't worry, it works out to your benefit. Classes range from 6-10 people and you receive lots of personal attention from Shanna Farrar, your bootcamp leader and 360Fit founder. Shanna packs the hour-long class with cardio and strength training exercises, leaving no time to commisserate with your neighbor about the stair climb you're still panting from.

360Fit Bootcamp isn't a novelty--it's a back-to-basics circuit training program taught by a fitness professional who's more focused on results than conversation (that's a good thing). Shanna has a sweet aura but don't let that fool you. Her abdominal workout using gliding discs will have you spouting 4 letter words. Don't expect hand holding, long water breaks or extra time to finish your circuit. Shanna likes to keep things moving to maximize your calorie burn. Hard work pays off at 360Fit with a free class card for first-timers and of course, another chance to tackle the stairs.

360Fit Bootcamp (Tuesday and Saturday classes), 360Fit, 360Fit Meetup, 646.236.1014

UPDATE: Class card promotion has expired. Outdoor boot camps start in April.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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1 comment
Evie February 23rd, 2010 3:46AM

This sounds like an awesome class. There is nothing better than getting your booty kicked for an hour! I am in my first boot camp, and I love it. It is totally making me stronger.