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Remember When...Gwen Stefani Showed Us That Girls Doing Push-Ups Was Cool?


Remember when Gwen Stefani busted out push-ups, like up above?

And checkout this push-up competition between Gwen and a fan on stage during one of her concerts!

What's so inspiring is that she's kept it up all these years: 18 years later!

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images (source)

If you need to spruce up your push-up routine, here's a move from FitSugar that I love to make your basic push-up even harder. Just grab a resistance band!

What's your favorite kind of push-up?

Tell me in the comments section below!


written by Sari Beth



Say what's on your mind!

Laura Kovall January 28th, 2013 10:27PM

OMG I LOVE Gwen Stefani; and her arms look AWESOME! I like the tricep push-up- really hard but I feel pretty diesel when I do them on my feet and NOT on my knees! BBFT Power GIRL! :)


Sari Beth January 29th, 2013 3:34AM

Right?!?! I love that she still looks beyond awesome. Of course you do your tricep push-ups on your feet and not your are a DIESEL BBFT Power Girl for sure! :)

Laura Kovall January 29th, 2013 2:43PM

Oh I can only SOMETIMES do my tricep push-ups on my feet! :) The real power girl is Mizzfit herself. I have noticed she does ALL her tricep push-ups on her feet. She keeps me going when my tri's feel like they can't handle it anymore!

Anyway here's to Team Mizzfit DIESEL GIRL POWER :)