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Musique Debuts on YouTube! Let's Celebrate with a Girl Power Soundtrack!


Hi Musique Readers,

I'm so excited to share my YouTube debut with you. It's a quick clip of me talking about my inspiration for Musique on and highlighting what you can expect to see on my page.

Also, did you listen to my guest appearance on The MizzFIT Empower Hour last Sunday?  If you haven't listened to the program yet, I co-hosted a discussion with Bianca Jade/MizzFIT and Angie Lee (Personal and Group Fitness Trainer and a Level 1 Krav Panim el Panim combatives instructor) about the Oscar Pistorius case including great tips for female self defense and empowerment. 

I put together a Girl Power playlist to celebrate our strength and power as women and to give you more motivation to tap into your inner strength at the gym and everywhere else.  Click here to stream it on Spotify or check it out below:

Got a killer song to add to this Girl Power Mix?

Leave it in the comments section below! I can never have enough music to get creative with ;)


written by Sari Beth



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