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As summer heats up, everyone is looking for some fresh hot beats to keep working out strong. I shared some of my workout tips on Keep reading to get some hot tips and for a link to the rest of my article!

Music can either make or break your fitness routine. So how do you create a mix of tunes to inspire you to work out longer and stronger?  Here are TWO of my tips for making the perfect workout mix that will keep you on beat and committed to your goals!

1. Listen to your heartbeat 

For your warm-up, pick a song that has a nice even tempo (about 120 BPM). Use the music to transition your body into an active stretch and to gradually raise your heart rate. Make sure it’s a song that gets you in the mood to move!

Song suggestions:  Forever – Haim and  Bury Us Alive -STRFKR


2. Kick-start your heart from the start

The next track on your mix should be a song that you love RIGHT NOW… the one that gets you excited to move and the one that you blast when getting ready to go out. I love working out, but even I have trouble getting motivated to take that very first step. Pick a song around 130-140 BPM.

Song suggestions: We Come Running – Youngblood Hawke (Tiesto Remix) and ‘Til I Collapse – Eminem & Nate Dogg


Want more? You know you do!

Click HERE for my full list of tips that I shared with

And before you go to Bliss to check them out...

What's YOUR favorite workout song???

Tell me in the comments section below and enjoy this playlist I made too!

xo, Sari Beth


written by Sari Beth



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