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Getting Real on the Naturally Beautiful Show with Nitika Chopra

Health - Trending

Veria Living - Natural Beautiful
Nitika Chopra is a wellness force to be reckoned with...and I have a hunch she might be the next Oprah! So when she invited me to come on her Naturally Beautiful show on the Veria Living Network to talk about my fitness journey and share some MizzFIT Tips, I had to say YES. Check out our convo and tell me about your own journey. We all have our stories, right?
written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



Say what's on your mind!

Liz Stark November 20th, 2013 9:42AM

Such a great segment, Bianca! I real appreciate hearing about your journey to better health and wellness, and using fitness as a positive reinforcer. I suffered from anorexia and compulsive over-exercising in the past; but in my present, I have a healthy relationship with exercise and enjoy it.

I hurt my neck this past Sunday and won’t be able to work out until this coming Wednesday (since, thankfully, I’m healing). But I’m not freaking out about it and I know that this is basically the universe telling me that I needed a workout break (although I wish it wasn’t such a painful “message” from the universe, haha).

I guess I was overdoing it lately without realizing it - so your message in the video on finding your “happy workout” balance really resonates here. I know I won’t be unhealthy for not working out for a week since I am very diligent with wellbeing in other areas.

I LOVE the workout gloves you featured, since they’re just like the ones you sent me (I rock those pink, black, and white gloves). And I envy your hula-hooping skills! smile

Again, thank you for sharing your healthy fitness insight and journey! Sorry for rambling so much about mine here.

MizzFIT November 20th, 2013 9:43AM


I love that you’re so outspoken and comfortable telling your story of anorexia…which I’ve known about ever since watching that video you posted last year. I think we all have our stories that make us stronger and that help other people get stronger too. It’s natural to be embarrassed by thinks that make us flawed but when you open up, you find an army of women who are there for you and who need you, and it makes us so much stronger and bonded in the end. I know you know this. And I hope that women dealing with what you went through will see that because you’re pretty damn awesome and frankly, our problems from days past MAKE US AWESOMER. Is that a word? We need to work out with our gloves on soon or at least wave to each other on skype wearing them, lol! Thanks for always being so conversational smile