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Holiday Songs You Can TOTALLY Work Out To!


'Tis the season for late night holiday party cocktails and groggy early morning workouts. It's a seasonal rite of passage for the fitness lover who also can't say no to a fun Christmas party, right?

For those of you who are trying to merge the holiday spirit into your workout, I put together a playlist of holiday songs that you can ACTUALLY sweat to at the gym. 

I know what you are thinking: most holiday songs are great for listening to in the background at a store or cozy restaurant but not really for attacking the treadmill. I felt the same way until I perused my music collection and realized that you can actually work out to Christmas songs. 

Not convinced? Press play and good workout tidings you'll bring. Let me know if I'm missing any holiday classics that are also workout-friendly! Just add them to the comments section below! Here's that playlist again...Holiday Music You Can Actually Sweat To!



written by Sari Beth



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