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ECA NYC Convention Welcomes Fitness Lovers


Fitness conventions were once created for fitness instructors, buyers and business owners but that's no longer the case. This March, the ECA World Fitness convention invites fitness enthusiasts (in addition to the pros) to come take classes  and explore the expo.

Why go? Because you're a fitness junkie obsessed with trying all the new and hottest, most effective workouts. Because the ECA is where fitness innovations go to become known. Because you want to brush shoulders with the ever-growing fitness and wellness community. Because it's cold outside, you have nothing else going on could use a good sweat to warm up. Shall I go on?

What to expect? 3 days of classes from world famous teachers, choreographers, innovators. Classes vary from 1 hour to 1.5 hours and continuously run from 7:30AM - 5PM.

Best way to do it? To sample the ECA without sacrificing your entire weekend, go for the Day Pass/Dance Package which gives you full access to all classes on Sunday, March 9th. The Day Pass includes entry to Fitist's Mashup Class (11am-1pm) of NYC boutique fitness favorites: Flybarre, Barry's Bootcamp and SLT.

You can sign up for the Day Pass here or register here for other weekend packages.

The ECA travels to NY, FL and CA every year. I went to the ECA Thrive convention in Miami one year and took a very memorable Aqua Zumba class. This was well before Aqua Zumba became a hot trend across the country. So you never know what you might discover (before all your friends) and you'll definitely have some sweaty pics to share on Instagram.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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