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Pictures Worth A Thousand Words: NBGNO

Fitness - Entertainment

These pics from the last #NBGNO event say everything. All I'm gonna write, since as you can see, my mouth is kind of sealed is THERE'S ONE MORE PARTY LEFT THIS SUMMER AND I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU THERE!

On June 24th, we stretched together...

We ran and sprinted along the Hudson River...

We did bootcamp style drills and worked our derrières.

We documented our adventure through NYC streets...

We turned pedestrian heads at the size of our herd...

Then we took things in-store with Holly Perkins and started a "band". Kind of...

Followed by catering by Sweet Green (the BEST salads in NYC), and eventually drinks and dance. And, of course, some air-time...

A party's not a party (worth bragging about) without a Step 'n Repeat...

And some girls gone wildly fit and empowered!

It was a perfect Girls' Night Out. See for yourself; more event pics HERE! Darn, I wasn't gonna say anythng. But I guess when it comes to #NBGNO, you really CAN'T keep my mouth shut.

So are you coming? The last Girls' Night Out in New York City of the summer is on July 17th at 6.30pm. RSVP HERE to save your spot! Get ready to sweat and take your own pics that do the talking for ya. (We also have a professional photographer there, too.)

Got questions? Leave 'em in the comments section below for me.  Otherwise the writing's on the wall!

xoxo, Mizzfit

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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