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Capezio & Free People Diversify Fitness Lines

Fashion/Gift - Trending

Seems like every clothing brand is turning to fitness these days. I likeeeey! I knew it would happen. I predicted it 5 years ago when I started As I watch big names bud fitness collections to test their shoppers and see what sticks, it's pretty obvious to me who's got the magic and who doesn't.

The "magic" isn't necessarily about the most advanced technology in quick-dry fabrics and high performance yarn. It's about creating pieces with personality that speak to fitness lovers who have a particular style as well as sport specific needs. Active wear with magic makes you wanna move.

Capezio is known to many as a dance shop and brand that's been around forever. Need ballet slippers? It's where you go. They've got everything you need for classic and instructional dance. And now they have a studio fitness collection! The magic is in all the shapes, colors and movement.

You can see the dancer-style inspiration in each piece. They're pretty and flowy but also made for strenuous woekouts. I fell in love with the Alessandria Bra that's a sports bra disguised as crop top and the floral Canberra Capris. Both held up amazingly in a range of my favorite studio classes, from barre to hot yoga. I loved how nicely the bra flattered my midrif and moved with my body while staying light. Both pieces dried fast. Based on quality, these items are priced right. Since I couldn't take pics in class, I took to a field of grass to show you how they fit.

My only advice is to hang dry Capezio's studio active wear because the fabrics are silkier and thinner than you're used to. To maintain their look, keep them away from high temp dryers. But that's no biggie, just grab some hangers and decorate your shower rod.

Free People's latest fitness launch also caught my attention in a big way. The bohemian-style apparel brand expanded their FP Movement line to include active pieces made especially for ballet, surf and yoga. I was invited to attend FP's beautifully organized press preview and WOW, what a treat!

There were real ballerinas, pro surfers and yogis wearing the new collections within sparkly dreamlike sets. I love how even though dance, surf and yoga are new concepts to FP, the company didn't flinch and uniquely interpretted each sport for the free-spirited, flower-child customer. Each collection has so much personality, built to layer and fashionably mismatch. It's all available on, including gear like Jade Yoga Mats exclusive to FP and handpainted surf boards.

My favorite pieces are in the surf collection. Just loved how nicely FP was able to merge retro cuts with busy bohemian prints. Although I must say, the ballet collection transported me back to a genre of dance-themed movies I used to watch in my teens.

The style was layered, loose and a lot less revealing back then. I like it better than all the tight and barely-there clothes many dancers wear now. If I could dance, FP's collection is deinitely what I'd wear.

I even came across a wonderful display of painted pointe slippers from Capezio at the Free People press preview. It makes total sense for these 2 indie brands to align as they diversify. I look forward to seeing more magical collections from both.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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1 comment
Liz Stark July 11th, 2014 9:41PM

I grew up wearing Capezio, being a dancer from age 5 to roughly 13. Love to see how the brand is evolving!