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REJECTED by Under Armour

Entertainment - Trending

It's hard for me to write this as I'm pretty bear with me here. I have something I want to get out and I'm going to try my best to use the right words here. About a month ago I was contacted by Popsugar and Under Armour to be a part of the I WILL WHAT I WANT campaign. It's a very empowering campaign about overcoming obstacles to achieve what you want in life no matter what other people have to say. I was honored to receive the invitation to say the least, esp after watching Under Armour's Misty Copeland commercial. Under Armour's request was to make a short video sharing my story to show how I will what I want. And so I did. You can watch it below.

Once I sent in the video, I did not hear from them for weeks. Popsugar kept making excuses for Under Armour but it was clear my story wasn't good enough for them. Perhaps it was because I mentioned the D-word (depression) or because I didn't wear their clothes in a sexy way. Perhaps it was because I was a little TOO REAL for them. That's really how I look when I work out...sorry!

I made my I WILL WHAT I WANT video with truth in my heart. I wanted all of you to know that the struggle for me has been real. I've lost my job, I've dealt with depression, I've fallen and gotten hurt...and each time I f*cking pick myself up. In fact, I filmed the entire I WILL WHAT I WANT video within days of getting into a vespa accident that I was hospitalized for. Under Armour needed the video ASAP. I was in pain just walking...but I filmed the video and gave it every bit of strength  that I had in me.

I am proud of what I made and what I stand for...with or without Under Armour's seal of approval. I think it's funny that they have this campaign that's all about pursuing what you want no matter what anyone else has to say, and then they flat out REJECT me after I poured my heart into their project. I've thought long and hard about how it makes me feel. SHITTY. But you know what? I'm going to show them that I won't let their negative view of me get in my way. I want to share my life with you guys, the ups and the downs...but most of all the truth! I'd like to think that's why you read my blogs.

It's sad when big companies like Under Armour come up with campaigns as impactful as I WILL WHAT I WANT but then they can't walk their talk. It's sad when at the end of the day, it's more about makeup, model endorsement and who has the most followers on Instagram. Does any of that stuff really matter? Let's say it together: NOPE!

You know that job I lost? (The one I refer to in the video.) Well, I used to write and produce commercials just like the ones Under Armour makes. I wrote commercials to elevate brands so that people like you and me would spend money on their products. I'm so glad I lost my job back in 2007. The best thing that happened to me was starting a starting a new career based on PASSION, INTEGRITY, HARD WORK, ACCEPTANCE and TRUTH.

So to Under Armour I say, I WILL WHAT I WANT but not with you. And that's why I decided to share this video regardless of what they think.

As always, my friends, thanks for reading. Hope I don't sound too angry. Writing this actually calmed me down A LOT. 

Say whatcha like below in comments section. After UA's rejection today, I can pretty much take anything...good or bad :)

xoxo, Bianca Jade

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



Say what's on your mind!

Anonymous September 12th, 2014 3:17AM

Wow, talk about not taking rejection gracefully. You really should just be proud to have been a contender for this, remember the fitness world is huge and many have overcome their own adversities.

#2 September 12th, 2014 3:40AM

Because you lost your job and were depressed and because you overcame an injury you should be a spokesmodel for UnderArmour? Have you thought that the fact they chose someone else is possibly due to the fact that someone else has a more compelling story? It's not always about beauty and boobs, but the company is likely looking for someone who has more to say than you.

Tom September 12th, 2014 4:07AM

First off... I want to comment on the video... it was good, but it did not speak to me about what you were doing to will what you want. I get you overcame depression and injury... both super challenging and commendable, but how did you will what you want? Do you see it? Am I missing something! Again... congratulations on your marathon and pulling yourself out of depression! Then there is the part about why you were not accepted. I don't see any part of what you said in this post that stands in personal responsibility... what could you have done better? Did you answer their question... etc... rejection can be a killer if you don't find opportunity in the no... not blame, but what you stand for and how you will do it better next time. Maybe every accusation you levy against UA is correct... you said yes. You chose to do it... you didn't have to. I am an artist and face rejection on a daily basis... some I understand has nothing to do with me, but most often their is a nugget in-between the words they say... and then there are those moments that I know it was me. You said you were not 100%, that you had an accident... did it show up? Would what you did have been different if you had been 100%. You don't need to answer me. You know... in your heart you know. Blame UA... or don't... maybe I misread your post... my input either fits or it doesn't. I write this not because I want to be right, but as someone who faces rejection and knows how I have dealt with it and how it makes me grow! Good luck and I am sure you will be a success... because as the slogan goes... you will will it!

#4 September 12th, 2014 5:12AM

I agree with #2. Thie video was superficial with no real or significant message. The story just isn't compelling. The video is lacking. When you only have a short time to convey a message, you have to catch people's attention immediately. Doesn't happen here.

Your blog post about rejection portrays you as self-centered. There are plenty of others who endure much harder lives and have overcome a lot more, while still being modest and grateful.

You also have to remember your audience and make yourself more relatable. You don't show why or how you're supposed to be an inspiration or a role model.

Jenae Frick September 12th, 2014 6:03AM

Bianca, it's super tough to get rejected and I think you're strong for writing this blog post and for making that video and putting yourself out there. Keep doing what you're doing girl, because you're following your heart, and doing that comes with the risk of getting your heart hurt, but don't stop, because it's what ultimately gonna make you happy. You gotta just be you always and take each experience and grow with it. You're right life does throw us punches and people can disappoint us so many times, over and over again. Keep your strength in yourself and press on, because you are doing a great thing! Keep being the beautiful inspiration you are. It's a tough world and people chew you up and spit you out. You gotta let their comments roll off your shoulders and hold your head up and brave the journey onward :) xoxo

nicole September 12th, 2014 8:52PM

A friend passed this on to me and I felt compelled to watch the video to make an informed opinion. Congrats on being invited by UA in the first place. Rejection is tough,and so I understand why your feelings are hurt. I think it's great that you made the effort to make the video, fight depression etc, but in all honesty, your story isn't particularly compelling. I would gather that it is very relevant and compelling to you and your friends, but the UA campaign is aiming to be more universal. Folks out there have some real gut-wrenching stories. So dust off your shoes and use this experience to strive for me and find gratitude in how good your life is.

nicole September 12th, 2014 8:53PM

*strive for more, not me.

Error above.

Dana September 13th, 2014 12:03AM

"When one door closes, a window opens."

While it may be a cliché, it's true. I completely understand how you feel about this kind of situation: In your heart, you know how hard you’ve worked. You feel that your story will resonate with people and this kind of ‘acknowledgement’ will mean something in the business world and…the list of what it “could have been” goes on.

But what I’ve learned from these situations is that this kind of "rejection" has only helped me hone in on my business goals even more. It has helped me face my own assumptions about what I really want and what I need to do to get there. And it’s an uncomfortable kind of internal conversation to have most of the time, but it’s not a time to focus on what you didn't get – it’s a time that affords clarification of purpose.

So what feels like a missed opportunity has probably created much better ones that haven’t made themselves known yet.

Juan Carlos September 13th, 2014 5:48PM

Your video and story is inspiring, but simply not the best, I understand how you feel and its hard, but learn from this and keep fighting for your dream and to be the best human you can be. The honesty from strangers and fans will push you to think differently and that's rare, not many of us can get that type of honesty out of our friends and family, you are in a better position already to grow and make a better video next time if necessary. I commend you !!!

Fran September 14th, 2014 3:03PM

I can't tell you how many large companies and corporations have engaged me/my business and then dropped the ball after I arrived at the table with my work-belt fully loaded. It sometimes pulls me into transient depressions, which I have to pull myself out of. Not an easy task, running your own brand of business, for sure, rather than working for those big brand companies and corps. Sure, we could use their help getting our brand names out there. But this is a dog- eat -doggy world of business, not a commune, and it seems, "YES", often means, "who were you again? " when you call in to confirm.
Perhaps your video should have been about your moving past this rejection into an even better place ! :)
Life is full of rejections; hurtful ones, misleading ones, often unintentional ones having nothing to do with us at all. But if we are human at all, we are left feeling the residue of inhumane actions, as some rejections often are.
The world could be a nicer place, but turn on the news....
"Be true to thine own self first. "- a mantra I mumble and share with my students in my classes. Maybe a change in social consciousness can happen.