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When I'm Not Wearing Workout Clothes...

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When I'm not wearing workout clothes I like to DRESS UP! But I operate on a consistenly busy schedule and time is of the essence, so unlike meticulous fashion bloggers I don't have much time to put together elaborate outfits (even though I salivate over them). For me, fitness fashion comes easy because it's my passion. I can throw a great fitness look together in no time. Like this one...

For non-sweaty occasions though, it's a different story. I find myself standing in front of my closet for hours with my finger hanging out the side of my mouth. Duuuuuuh. What to wear??? Keep It Simple Stupid has become my strategy for success. I don't overly acccessorize or layer, and I like for everything to come off as easily as it went on. Is that weird?

I like outfits that move as much as I like to move. Like bottoms that flow, poof out and blow in the wind. Pieces like this are flirty, feminine and playful, which is my style when I dress up. I nearly died when I found this blush pleated midi skirt from Whistles on SALE! I knew instantly I'd be rocking it with a long sleeve crop and moto jacket.

Just as much as I like fitness tights that scream to be noticed, I like my dressy skirts to do the same. My metallic tulle skirt from AQUA is going to get lots of face time throughout the holidays. I love that I can wear it with a crop top, a white t-shirt or a 3/4 sleeve top like in the pic above.

I realize most girls make time to shop...but I'm sure some of you are just like me. I'd rather have a few key pieces that are versatile, timeless and more expensive. This way I get more use out of them even as I change up my look...and don't feel the desperate need to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe. My worst fear! I's not normal. I'm an alien in women's skin.

My Pulsar Watch has effortlessly helped me dress up without having to invest in new baubles. I'm wearing a style (this one) from Pulsar's Women's Night Out collection in each of the fall looks you've seen so far. It's stainless steel with a large face and has Swarovski crystals on both the dial and surrounding bezel.

I love that it's blingy and fits me like a bracelet. As the watch fitter (who removed a few chain links for me) informed me, wearing it like a bracelet is called "room to play". With a watch that's more masculine in size like this one, I find it's more feminine and modern to wear it a tad loose.

The pink string that's also on my wrist is a Brazilian Wish Bracelet. I dig the juxtaposition of my fancy Pulsar timepiece with it. Then again, I can't take it off until it falls off!

Did you know you're supposed to wear a watch on your left wrist? It's one of those tradition based rules. I've never broken it. Have you? I hear lefties are the only exception. One rule I have broken is trying to have perfectly manicured natural nails. As a fitness girl, this is just impossible! My workouts destroy my natural manicures. So I started getting gel manicures and it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER for when I have to get dressed up.

2 more tips that make dressing up easier for fitness women:

  • Dry shampoo. Yes, I know the white powder ones are frustrating but they now make them in a clear spray.
  • Not every workout has to be a soaker. Go for a workout that tones and lengthens without completely drenching you if you have limited time to get ready post-gym. For me, it's barre fitness.


Do you invest a lot of time in getting dressed up? Or are you more like me and time crunched? Personally, I'll never give up my daily workouts for more time to shop or primp but that's because I feel better in my clothes and my skin when I exercise.

No matter how you dress up, time is of the essence for everybody. Check out Pulsar Watches. For more ideas on how to wear them, go here and here. They make dressing up easy and take the late out of "fashionably late".


*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pulsar. The opinions and text are all mine. *Every day, there’s a new rhythm, a new adventure. You dance to the beat of your own drum. You capture and share moments, with your family and your friends. PULSAR is a quality companion that is right there with you – every day, and for tomorrow, with modern styles that stand the test of time. That’s Life. In real time.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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