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Dermal Lip Fillers Tutorial

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I'm going to be absolutely candid here. I got filler put in my lips and I love it. And I'd be lying if I said it was the first time. But really, I have nothing to hide. I'm always open and honest about all the health to esthetic treatments I try. It's what I do!

I'm sure a lot of you who are considering lip injectables have questions about it. This is the place to ask so feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below once you watch the video I made about my dermal fillers treatment with Lisa Hartman, PA.

Lisa Hartman is a wonderful practitioner and friend, and someone I feel very comfortable going to for my facial chemical peels, high performing topical creams and anything else I splurge on related to preserving my skin and maintaining a youthful appearance. She's basically a walking billboard for her services. She believes in a natural and fresh look, so you'll never see anyone overdone walking out of her office.

I have worked extensively with New Beauty magazine. They've been included in my Style Up 2 Shape Up Quarterly Box and I've appeared in their amazing publication before, recommending some of my favorite skincare products for an active lifestyle. New Beauty had an event in the early fall that I was unable to attend featuring Restylane products by Galderma. A few bloggers were chosen to try it out, and I was one of them. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but given the opportunity to try Restylane on my own terms, and film the experience authentically. And I have to be honest, I always prefer doing this! So I agreed and this is what I filmed...

I should mention that Kylie Jenner was in NO WAY inspiration for the amount of filler I had put in to my lips. However, if you watch the video, you'll see that her name comes up when Lisa is talking about the augmentation process and how to go about getting that drastic of a fuller lip if that's what you desire.

I've included 2 post-procedure photographs of my lips that are a few days apart. With Restylane Silk, my lips DID flare up a little after getting the injections, but Lisa Hartman assured me this is perfectly normal.

It only lasted about a day and I felt a stinging sensation as well as a chapped lips type of feeling. But within 2 days, my lips were no longer swollen (as big as they were right after the injections) and felt completely normal.

This was my first time getting Restylane Silk in my lips. I have tried other products before and found the difference to be that there's a nice level of "plump" that really makes a remarkable difference in your lips. The result is firm and rounded, and less cushy than other products, if that makes any sense. If you have any lip indentations or just really thin lips that you want to see a noticeable difference in, this product is for you.

My top lip tends to be naturally thin and I like how Restylane Silk gave it more lift, definition and a pillow-y center. I've heard people call the look "bee-stung", which sounds funny (since I can't imagine a bee stingin' ya in the mouth) but might be an accurate description.

Please watch the video for all my thoughts on dermal fillers and the prep you should personally do to make sure the experience is a safe and comfortable one. It was very important for me to have Lisa Hartman perform the treatment since she knows the dynamics of my face well and since I know her history and credentials. I also value her knowledge, which she so clearly shares throughout the video we made.

Galderma, who makes all the Restylane variations and other great fillers, is an FDA approved and trusted company that has been around a long time. I'm sure you've probably heard of them. I recommend reading up on the different kinds of Restylane they make because depending on your skin and age, you might need a different kind than what I used. Restylane can also be used above the lips and within the parenthesis lines of the mouth, which unfortunately can hollow out with age.

I loved my experience trying out Restylane Silk by Galderma for 3 reasons! (1) I got to film it for you and it was hysterical having a camera guy in the room because I could see him wincing as the needles were going in. (2) It surprisingly didn't hurt much at all beyond a few light pricks and I didn't bruise at all.  And, (3) I love how my lips turned out! The result was an enhanced, natural look that I really like on myself and makes me feel sexy and confident.

If you have any questions or comments whatsoever, please leave them below and you can begin your research on Galderma right here. To book an appointmet for Restylane and dermal fillers with my girl Lisa Hartman, please visit the Soignez-Vous website.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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