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Coco T Wants You To Come Out of Your Shell

Fitness - Celeb interviews

I've been a Coco fan for quite some time. She's famously known for being Ice-T's wife and for looking like this... I adore Coco. She's in your face voluptious, booty-ful and eccentric but deep down she's just a sweet girl from New Mexico who grew up loving fitness. In pictures, Coco surely comes across as more vixen than sweetheart. I assure you she's 100% sweetheart. I wouldn't be...

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Groundbreaking Fit Trends You Need to Try!

Fitness - Fashion/Gift - Trending

The world of fitness is changing! Sportswear, gear, gadgets, food and fit services are more forward-thinking and edgy than ever. I've been testing a few that I'm crushing on which I'll share with you, as well as give you a sneak peek at some extremely functional pieces coming out from Asics. The theme that binds all these trends is Ease of Use. I was surprised as I'm typically a skeptic about...

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Fred Devito: My Teacher

Fitness - Celeb interviews - Trending

Fred Devito is one of the founders of Core Fusion as well as a founding partner of the exquisite Exhale Spa locations around the world. He is widely known and incredibly respected in the fitness industry. I've learned a great deal from him, which you're going to hear all about. What I've learned from Fred can be broken down in 3 stages of knowing him. There's the "DVD" Fred stage...

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Fun Runs Are Trending. But Which Ones Are The Most Fun?

Fitness - Trending

Sweating it out on a treadmill or even a running path in a park is an acquired taste. Although the streets are flooded these days with runners of all abilities, shapes and sizes, it's one of the toughest sports to love as a novice. That's why novelty runs are taking off as a fitness trend for those who want to dabble in running but need an extra fun incentive to hit the ground...

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Ballet, The Balanced Way


-- This is a guest post by Liz Stark -- Often times, the world of ballet is unfairly depicted in a rather depressing manner – painfully thin bodies, grueling training schedules, strict diet regimens, and cutthroat competition. However, there is one person in particular who wants to put all of these brutal ballet rumors to rest – Mary Helen Bowers. In her 2012 book, Ballet Beautiful,...

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How to “Friend” Cool People in Fitness Class


In the 1980's the gym was the ultimate pick up scene but I was still too young to experience this phenomenon. I always imagined a woman earnestly rocking a hot pink leotard, leg warmers and a sweat band a la Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" music video while swooning for a guy wearing a similar outfit over by the Nautilus machines. Nowadays, I think wearing that fitness outfit let...

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Celebrity Sweat with Torah Bright: Women's Halfpipe Olympic Champion

Fitness - Celeb interviews

Torah Bright is an Olympic Champion for Australia once again! In the 2010 Winter Olympics, Torah took home the gold medal for the women's halfpipe competition and this year she snagged herself a silver. I had the privilege of meeting Torah before the 2014 games, and interviewing her for Celebrity Sweat. Getting to know the personal side of Torah made it even more exciting for me to watch...

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Ralph Lauren Oufits Team USA for Sochi. Get the Look!

Fashion/Gift - Fitness

Ralph Lauren styles Team USA for both the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Check out behind the scenes footage of the athletes getting fitted in Munich before the start of the games:   In my opinion, Ralph Lauren's designs for Team USA are classically American and look sharp on camera--and important factor for an event that is globally...

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Want to Work for a Fitness Fashion Retailer? Find Out What It's Like!

Fitness - Fashion/Gift

- This is a guest post by Pam Wilson - When you look good, you feel good. And nothing is more true when working-out. Big, baggy clothes do little to nothing for your self-esteem especially when looking in a mirror in a group fitness class. You want to look sleek, fit and pulled together. And that's what high-quality exercise wear does for you in the correct size. Since beginning work...

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A "Winning" Chocolate Protein Smoothie Recipe

Entertainment - Fitness - Fashion/Gift

Katia Lin, winner of my Rainbow Light Protein Energizer Giveaway, just wrote in to share her latest smoothie recipe. Check it out! Hi Mizzfit Just finished my workout and off to class with my chocolate-PB-and-nana shake! The recipe is: 1 cup of skim milk 1 scoop of Rainbow Light chocolate protein energizer 1 frozen banana 1 Tbsp peanut butter I'm...

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