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Fighting Breast Cancer with Komen, Cake Boss and Bethenny

Fashion/Gift - Entertainment - Health

You couldn't ask for a girlier, PINK-er event! New Balance brought together Komen Org and Girls' Night Out to celebrate 25 years of support for breast cancer awareness and fund raising for the cure. I could tell you that I hosted the event, that it was fun with an incredible turnout, and leave it at that. But I'd be neglecting the story that deeply connects me to the breast cancer...

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Passion Box Revealed!

Health - Fashion/Gift - Trending

Having fire-ry passion is responsible for all of my success. That's why PASSION was the theme of my 4th Quarterly box. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling myself Steve Jobs here, but I do take pride in my accomplishments. For example, I created a business and brand back in 2009 out of nothing but a love for fitness.  Nearly 6 years later, I'm happily making a living out of that...

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Bethenny Frankel Joins NBGNO + Pink Sneaker Giveaway

Health - Entertainment

Guess what?! Bethenny Frankel is our special guest at #NBGNO! I'm so excited about this because I've watched the Girls' Night Out movement grow so much since I joined the team. We are a group of empowered, health-loving women who work out hard but still crave a cocktail and girl-time. If there's anyone who fits that bill, it's definitely Bethenny! Look at everything she's done, from creating...

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Ultimate Guide to Wanderlust Festivals from a Pro

Music - Entertainment - Health

It's crazy how much Wanderlust Festivals have grown! They're no longer a summer thing, but rather an open-ended opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing destinations in the world year-round while immersing yourself in good vibes and wellness. If you're reading this it's because you're a professional Wanderluster (like me) or about to become one and you're looking for more...

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My Story Continued for the Lovers and Haters

Fitness - Health

My last blog really struck a chord. I was called everything from superficial, narcissistic to entitled in the comments. For some reason, my vacation pics from Hawaii were even brought up and used against me. I've never even posted them here on! Also, my dogs are PUGGLES not pugs!!! I'm still trying to figure out how posting loving pictures of my dogs (who are basically my...

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Shocking Health Tips on Skincare to Vajayjays!

Health - Fitness

Boy, have I got some great info to share with ya! These health topics are HOT and in no way normal, which is why I like 'em and can't wait to hear your thoughts. So be sure to comment on what you like, dislike or just can't imagine doing (in the comments section at the end). Before I start, full disclosure... I've tried and tested the skincare tips ONLY. The rest, I'm very open to but have...

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Weight Loss At Your Fingertips

Fashion/Gift - Health

The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence is literally at your fingertips. First, in the form of a compelling book by tapping expert Jessica Ortner. Second, by way of your very own hands. Confused? It's OK, I was too, at first :) I made a video for you to watch about the growing tapping trend and its link to weight loss because it's hard to imagine let alone believe in...

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How to Pick a Healthy Gift

Health - Fashion/Gift

Hey guys! Last weekend I was in Saint Louis, Missouri for Father's Day and I had to figure out what to give the man who gives me everything. I always give healthy presents, so I thought I'd share some tips to guide you when shopping for a healthy gift yourself. But first, meet my dad! Philip, my dad, is a classic car connoisseur. He has an impressive collection of Jaguars and he's...

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Are Standing Desks Healthy?

Trending - Health

-- This is a guest post by Liz Stark -- Are you sitting down right now? You might want to stand up for this – or hopefully want to stand up by the end of this article. Do you dread working, attending meetings, or even checking emails, knowing that you will be confined to a desk (or desk-like setting) for hours on end? Do you feel more tired after sitting for a long time, antsy, and even...

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How My Relationship with Fitness Changed and Jealousy Entered

Fitness - Health

Jealousy. It hits hard and ugly. I hate feeling it and admitting to it. But that’s how it goes. It’s a human thing for our eyes to turn green with envy. When you’re in a relationship with someone you’ve got to work through it because it can literally destroy you and the love you cherish. I’m going through it myself in my relationship with fitness. As I recover from a recent...

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