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Glamming It Up for Nelly's Black & White Ball

Fashion/Gift - Trending - Entertainment

This lucky girl was invited to attend rapper Nelly's annual Black & White Ball on December 21st in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Gotta say, I was really excited. I've always loved Nelly's music but I was truly thrilled at the idea of going to a glam event that would surely bring good vibes to a recently damaged city and it's people following the events of Ferguson. I've touched on...

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I'm In Lucy's New Campaign Called Childspose


Having a bad day? Things just not going your way? Tell me about it! The past week of my life has been a Groundhog Day of mishaps. I missed an incredibly important meeting last Thursday, then lost my phone and keys (which were eventually retrieved) and then yesterday somone important that I was supposed to interview for my Mizzfit YouTube channel cancelled at the last minute (just as my makeup...

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Recap of My Life, 2014 Year End

Trending - Entertainment

So this is a recap on the last 2 months of my life. I figured why not turn the lens around and show you what's going on in my life. I enjoy narrating through pictures so here goes... 1. I launched an incredible Mizzfit sock line with Pointe Studio because I love barre fitness like a crackhead. The response has been amazing and no one has thrown their sweaty socks at me yet. They're grippy...

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Latham Thomas on Women Who Empower

Fitness - Entertainment - Celeb interviews

I was lucky enough to interview Latham Thomas for my Women Who Empower series on YouTube. She inspires women through her business Mama Glow, her "hip guide" on prenatal wellness, her beautiful affirmations on social media and through all her doula work. She's been known to work with many celebrities like Alicia Keys. Latham also helps women get fit during and post-pregnancy. When I first...

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Work Out With Me At Exceed NYC FREE!


I've teamed up with Exceed Physical Culture to offer a FREE WORKOUT at their newest studio in Tribeca, NYC. The reason I'm doing this is because after doing 2 workouts at Exceed earlier this year, I was like "this is so hard, I can't come back by myself...I need my fit crew!" So I'm calling all of you out of the woodwork to come help me sweat before Christmas and the New Year. I miss my...

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Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo in Brooklyn, NY

Fitness - Entertainment

As if speaking for Cornell University and Fitness Magazine last month wasn't enough, I've been invited to join the Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo as a panelist! This is so exciting for me because it will be my 1st time speaking at a health expo. For years I've been attending them as a trend spotter and all around wellness "sponge", but now I get to be the expert on stage and...

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My Barre Socks Have Arrived! Let's Celebrate at the Barre!


Let's get SOCKED AT THE BARRE! I'm celebrating the launch of my Mizzfit Barre Sock Multi-Pack collaboration with Pointe Studio (the incredible makers of fashionable barre socks) and I hope you'll join me! The Mizzfit Multi-Pack will be available for purchase in November on Pointe Studio's fabulous website. You can snag both pairs and a sculpting workout for an incredible deal on November...

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Fighting Breast Cancer with Komen, Cake Boss and Bethenny

Fashion/Gift - Entertainment - Health

You couldn't ask for a girlier, PINK-er event! New Balance brought together Komen Org and Girls' Night Out to celebrate 25 years of support for breast cancer awareness and fund raising for the cure. I could tell you that I hosted the event, that it was fun with an incredible turnout, and leave it at that. But I'd be neglecting the story that deeply connects me to the breast cancer...

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Bethenny Frankel Joins NBGNO + Pink Sneaker Giveaway

Health - Entertainment

Guess what?! Bethenny Frankel is our special guest at #NBGNO! I'm so excited about this because I've watched the Girls' Night Out movement grow so much since I joined the team. We are a group of empowered, health-loving women who work out hard but still crave a cocktail and girl-time. If there's anyone who fits that bill, it's definitely Bethenny! Look at everything she's done, from creating...

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Ultimate Guide to Wanderlust Festivals from a Pro

Music - Entertainment - Health

It's crazy how much Wanderlust Festivals have grown! They're no longer a summer thing, but rather an open-ended opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing destinations in the world year-round while immersing yourself in good vibes and wellness. If you're reading this it's because you're a professional Wanderluster (like me) or about to become one and you're looking for more...

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