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via Twitter

Swisse Wellness USA @SwisseUSA
RT Mizzfit_Bianca: Really loved being a part of the #DestinationHappiness experience at WanderlustFest with SwisseUSA --->
Coach Tijl Deconynck @CoachTijl
Mizzfit_Bianca He was well trained in being vague enough and not looking trained for the conversation. I believe y…
Agnes Orianne @OrianneW
SwisseUSA NastiaLiukin Mizzfit_Bianca WanderlustFest Lol I'm Swiss, Swisse never heard it before, thank you Nastia for the tip.👍😄🇨🇭
Darrick Patrick @DarrickPatrick
Mizzfit_Bianca I dig it enough that I'd be bummed if it disappeared. For contacting some people that I need to for…
Mizzfit_Bianca Totally agreed, i think it depends on how much time we spend on twitter and the type of content man could follow
Darrick Patrick @DarrickPatrick
RT Mizzfit_Bianca: DarrickPatrick Yes, but why do celebrities get all the attention? We matter too! Anyway, who’s your favorite celebrity…
Darrick Patrick @DarrickPatrick
Mizzfit_Bianca The majority of my "real life" friends have never signed up on here. So, maybe it's just the dynami…
Coach Tijl Deconynck @CoachTijl
Mizzfit_Bianca Just back to using Twitter. Watching Jack Dorsey answering questions from the house of commerce.
Mizzfit_Bianca I think that reading too may tweets from a lot of users is psych. Exhausting, ✅/❎
Mizzfit_Bianca Just LinkedIn in addition to twitter. I’ll never be on FB, it’s not a safe platform, they spy too much on their users.
Mizzfit_Bianca I’m here daily. My thought is some people have decreased their use of social media because of all t…
Pete Garcia @PeteGarcia6988
Mizzfit_Bianca 😘❤️
Carmen Ramirez @carmelagdl
Mizzfit_Bianca Omg I'm always here!!