Debbie Harry on Sex, Drugs (Not Really), Rock & Roll and Fitness. Exclusive Interview!!!


I am so excited to join the MizzFIT team and feature music for your physique. I've been inspired by Debbie Harry’s style and music for years. I was beyond honored that she took some time out of her busy Australian tour with Blondie to talk to me about how she manages to rock out and work out while still keeping up her iconic style. Read my interview with Debbie below to find out how fitness "fits in" with her music lifestyle.


Me:  What inspires you to work out? How do you work out? And is it true that you love the Insanity workout?

Debbie Harry: I have a great trainer who runs me through all kinds of hoops. He takes exercises from everywhere - it's unlimited. He shows me multitasking plyometric techniques to do on my own.

Me: You were a part of the sex, drugs, rock + roll scene in the 1970's. Did fitness have a role in that scene? When did you start working out?

Debbie Harry: Ha! Yeah right. No, I started working out later on.

Me: You are known as much for your style as for your music. What's your go to fitness look?

Debbie Harry:  Light and easy - but with a crazy hat, to throw people off.

Me:  What has changed about how you eat over the years? And what has NOT changed?

Debbie Harry:  I try to eat healthy. I eat mostly vegetarian, chicken, fish.

Me:  I hear you guys just started your December tour in Australia. Do you work out on tour?

Debbie Harry:  Yeah. I live to hit the gym. Then get a nice massage, post-workout.

Me:  Any tips for our readers on how to work out while traveling like a rock star?

Debbie Harry:  Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember, you have to play a show tonight!

Me: There have been some really cool mashups of your music like Sprawl of Glass (mix of “The Sprawl” by Arcade Fire and your classic “Heart of Glass”) by the Hood Internet and Rapture Riders (the mashup of “Rapture” and “Rides on the Storm” by The Doors) that are great for working out. What's your favorite style of music for workouts? Can you work out to your own music or is that weird?

Debbie Harry: Rapture Riders is really amazing - they nailed that one. The Arcade Fire one is great as well. As far as workout music goes, I love Eminem, Iraqi military music - political haranguing stuff.

Me: One of my favorite old school Blondie songs to run to is One Way or Another and a more recent fave is What I Heard from the Panic of Girls album. What album or song always gets you energized?

Debbie Harry: Whatever Iran is doing these days.

Me: Of course I have to ask: If you had to pick one Blondie song as the best workout song to recommend to our readers, what would it be?

Debbie Harry: Warchild probably!

Me: Thanks Debbie. I am definitely going to load up Warchild and some military music on my iPod for my next workout and see how it goes!

For more on Debbie Harry and Blondie check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. 


Like Blondie? Well then I want to know...

....which Debbie Harry/Blondie song gets you the most pumped to work out!

Thanks for reading, Sari Beth

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