A MUST HAVE Muscle Therapy Cold Roller

That's not a dumbbell. It's a Trigger Point Performance Cold Roller ($87) designed to help you treat muscle soreness and tightness. It's an ice bath and foam roller in 1 sleek instrument (made of stainless steel with a gel core). Just pop the cold roller in the freezer before your next long run (or crossfit class or kick-in-the-arse bootcamp session...whatever workout "tears you up") and it will be ready for a-rollin’ when you return.

The gel core on the roller delivers cold compression to your muscles as you experience a myofascial release from rolling them out slowly with pressure. No need to sit in a freezing tub of ice or suffer through the annoyance of leaking ice-baggies. Instead, let this cold roller inspire you to do more with your freezer, like make healthy popsicles! Considering the pain you're in, you could use a treat!

This is a great injury prevention and recovery tool for extreme sport enthusiasts like marathoners and triathletes!!! Pricey but you won't be sorry.



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