Review: The Abbey Inn & Spa in Hudson Valley NY

The Abbey Inn & Spa hotel in Hudson Valley New York. A castle-like hotel.

There's so much to love about The Abbey Inn & Spa from it's history to its scenic hilltop location in Peekskill, New York. I discovered The Abbey while doing a thorough online search of the lower Hudson Valley for my 2023 wedding venue and immediately knew I had to visit. Not long after, I arrived to The Abbey with my fiancé and parents in tow for a quaint summer weekend at this gorgeous boutique-style hotel. From a distance, you can see how it sits high above the Hudson River.

Home Tour: Step Into My Duplex!

a brooklyn new york duplex home

Closing on my Brooklyn condo at the end of 2021 was a super exciting time in my life. For all of you that own houses, it’s the same caliber of experience because we don’t really have houses here (with the exception of buildings, townhouses and brownstones). A condo in NYC usually costs more than the average person’s house but let’s not go there—I don’t wanna cry!

WHAT? I'M ENGAGED! Follow Along as I Plan My Engagement Party!

bianca jade wearing a bridal robe.

I never imagined I'd be writing a blog post like this. It's currently 3.18am and I’ve got an early flight to catch tomorrow. Lying next to me is a passed out future husband and a 6.5 pound snoring chihuahua. Life couldn’t be better. But how did we get here? I really don’t know! I mean, I guess I's just that time flies and blurs all the steps between your milestones. 

TRENDING PLACES: Four Seasons Scottsdale for My Birthday Retreat

Four Seasons Scottsdale Casita Room and Grounds.

Turning 43 isn’t as scary as having a birthday in a snowstorm, which is why I chose to head west to Scottsdale Arizona for my birthday in January. I really can’t remember having a birthday in New York when it didn’t snow, sleet or hail. Every January, I’m prepared for it. But this year played out differently, thank God! I heard wonderful things about Four Seasons Scottsdale so my little family and I left New York City in the icy dust to experience a short retreat in the desert.

Jessica Chastain Is Up For An Oscar But I Nominate Her Instagram Page!

jessica chastain beauty shot

I didn’t know how much I loved Jessica Chastain until...I binged on her movies including a new HBO series she’s in, called Scenes From A Marriage (tread lightly--it's intense!). Then I followed her on Instagram and was instantly addicted! Behind the scenes she’s a silly redhead who loves being glammed up. On camera, she’s pure talent--and you become entangled in the emotions of the characters she plays.

Talk Money To Me, Baby! How To Calmly & Creatively Chat Finances with Your Partner.

A couple holding hands while riding bicycles next to each other.

Before my partner and I moved in together, we had serious talks related to how our lives would change. Rather than ignore it, we pointed out the elephant in the room: MONEY! If you think you can avoid it, you can’t. It’ll rear its awkward head eventually! So why not just have the money talk and get on the same page about your finances? Talking openly about it is like examining anything else important in your relationship—it’ll only make your bond stronger!


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