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Baby, It's Cold Outside


When it’s super cold outside, don’t lose your exercise motivation just dress for the occasion. Stay warm with hip basics from Alternative Apparel. Mix, match, layer, or go unisex. Whatever you do, just stay fit and stylish. Is there really anything else that matters? Check out some of my favorite Alternative Apparel styles below for gals and guys.

I love the gym rat eco fleece worn by the models above who, might I say, are pretty hot. The eco fleece is a unisex item and as you can see, looks great both ways. I’ve never been a big fan of sweatpants but the styles below have major potential. Alternative Apparel's cotton fabric blends hang nicely and are soft enough to sleep in. The lightweight, women’s cropped pant is perfect for active workouts (whether it’s boxing or yoga) and couldn’t be sexier.

If you sign up for Alternative Apparel’s newsletter, you’ll get 15% off any purchase through the end of the month and shipping is also free through December. On top of that, Alternative Apparel is an earth friendly, socially responsible company. Eco-nuts should check out their blog (going green). But before you go saving the earth, first save yourself from the cold by layering up.

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Photo credits: Courtesy of Alternative Apparel website

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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