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Fitness Apparel with Built-in Weight. Yay or Nay?

Fitness - Fashion/Gift


Take weight off by adding it on?

W8FIT is a new brand of women's activewear. The product's custom design has pockets which hold half pound or quarter pound weights which you can add to increase resistance during your workout.

The founder/designer, Maya Kaminsky, says she lives in her workout clothes and wanted to create something different that would help women lose weight and stay fit whether they are training at the gym or just running around town.

The weights are the size of a credit card. Supposedly they're bend-able too.

The product isn't available for purchase until early June. In the meantime, W8FIT is being sold on presale via Kickstarter --> click here to check it out

Question is...would you wear it?

Personally, I'm just not sure the extra weight added to W8FIT pockets is all that necessary to dramatically change the effectiveness of your workout or weight-loss. I have no doubt it will slightly enhance the challenge of exercise moves but I'm not sure "wearing" weight is the right approach. I prefer to lift, pull or push weight...and then get rid of it! And if I'm going to "live" in my workout clothes, comfort and free range movement is key. For the record, I have NOT tried W8FIT activewear so my personal opinion is based on speculation.

Would you try W8FIT?

Please leave a comment below!

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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Say what's on your mind!

Kristen May 7th, 2012 5:40AM

What an awesome idea! I started weight training hard core about 8 months ago, and I agree that lifting, pushing and pulling is super effective. But, my trainer has taught me that adding weight during non-lifting movements like lunges, stairs, bridges and squats takes those exercises to the next level. Usually, the weight I am adding is minimal...just enough to create some resistance, even when I'm just holding weights in my hands. I can only imagine how a pound extra would affect my entire workout! I so wish I had a pair of those pants during my planks...I know my belly would benefit!

I am also an avid runner, and I've tried weighted belts while training to help improve my speed for race time. Problem is that I can never keep the belt on during longer runs since it's so uncomfortable! If these clothes are as comfortable as they look, I can't imagine they would bother me during my runs. Heck, I wear an underwire bra every day and am pretty comfortable in that.

Killer idea. And, the clothes look cute. Thanks for sharing!

Ranee May 7th, 2012 5:46AM

I was one of the lucky ones who went to one of Maya's fitness classes and she let some of us try out the samples during class. You can feel the difference with the weights. Anyone knows that weight resistance will help you burn extra calories so why not add the weights into your workout clothes! And to top it off, the clothes are comfortable, durable, and flattering! I wore them during her yoga/cardio mix class and was able to do all of the poses including planks and downward facing dog and forgot the weights were even there. I also noticed the extra challenge while doing sit-ups with the wrist cuffs with my hands lifted up and abs were burning!! I totally recommend these clothes!!

MizzFIT May 7th, 2012 5:56AM

Hi Kristen,

So glad you left a comment on this article because you are the perfect person for MizzFIT readers to get additional info from. Because at first, I really wasn't thinking an additional pound of weight would make a difference and might even be uncomfortable post-workout if you met up with a friend for lunch or ran errands. But I see the value in what you are referencing. Hopefully Maya's kickstarter program will be a total success and she can begin selling directly from her website in June as planned. You should reach out to her and follow her on Twitter as well! Thanks for your sharing your opinion, girlie!


MizzFIT May 7th, 2012 5:58AM

Hi Ranee,

Your feedback as someone who has tried the collection is SO GREAT and I thank you for it. I was just thinking that W8FIT might actually be the answer I'm looking to add resistance to my Pilates classes. What is your favorite piece from the collection?



michelle May 7th, 2012 4:54PM

I think the added weight is a great idea... especially for barre based classes that use light weights already... instead of holding 2 or 3 pound weights you can use the wrist cuffs during arm workouts... ooohh or imagine doing side planks with a rotation while wearing the wrist cuffs... im burning calories just thinking about all the added resistance while i sit at my desk typing this entry. thanks for showing me this product. can't wait to order it!!

MizzFIT May 7th, 2012 7:55PM

Hi Michelle,

I'm burning calories thinking about it too! Such a great idea! I'd love to see a video of people working out that way and the cuffs are so stylish so it wouldn't look as if they're wearing clunky wrist weights as I've seen in old-skool vides. Thank you for leaving such a great comment!

Your fit friend,


cheryl May 8th, 2012 5:25AM

stupid-like wearing ankle weights when running(you WANT to be injured, right?) or carrying hand weights (you want to what, make your arms longer?) Walk/run faster=burn more calories.

Maya May 8th, 2012 8:21PM

The clothes were designed to be safe and reduce the risk of injury.

In both styles of pants, the extra weight is carried where the body naturally adds on extra weight - the stomach, at the center of mass. Using the waist pockets is great for planks, squats, lunges, and much more.

The crop pant is called the "run crop" because it is the perfect pant for runners. I personally do not use the waist pockets for weights, I use them for my phone, gels, keys, and credit cards. All weights are removable leaving you with 4 empty pockets. The run crop is also amazing for any exercises that require you to lift your legs- reverse crunches, the teaser, and even burpees. Only an extra 1/2 lb is added to each ankle. The weights stay in place and that reduces the risk of injury.

Walkers love the long pant. My client Emily says, “The weight is comfortable because it’s on my waist and I barely feel it. However at the end of the workout when you take it off, you certainly can tell you were wearing it! You feel the weight difference immediately. It's hard to believe that 2 lbs would have that much impact, but it does.”

Wearing weights around the waist while walking, hiking, jogging or climbing stairs adds resistance to the activity. Like muscles, the added resistance helps to strengthen the bones within your legs. Strengthening is often the result of an increase in bone mass density which helps fight Osteoporosis.

The tanks are just plain cute and have built-in bras. There is one pocket for a 1/4 lb weight that naturally adds to the torso.

The cuffs help you move to the next level in your weight training. If you have been working with 5 lb weights for your shoulder and triceps and want to move up to 6 lbs, it may be difficult to jump one pound. The best way to increase your strength is to wear the 1/2 lb wrist cuffs together with your hand held weights.

All styles are available without weights.

MizzFIT May 8th, 2012 9:35PM

Hi Cheryl,

OMG, ankle weights while running!!!! The vision of that has me on the floor right now...not good! And yes, woman, sprinting is the BEST way to burn yourself a lot of calories. I always like doing a few sprints during a long run and I almost always end with a sprint after a 5-miler. Thank you for sharing your opinion on W8FIT. I love hearing everyone's thoughts.

much love,


Manfred Mann August 31st, 2012 11:58PM

Hello I think that your blog is really nice!

MizzFIT September 4th, 2012 8:48PM

Thank you, Manfred. I appreciate the very nice compliment! Wishing you many wonderful workouts!