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How mizzFIT got her groove back with Slinky Dance from Christina Belly Dance NYC

Fitness - Entertainment


It's kind of weird talking about myself in the 3rd person, but yes, I lost my groove or perhaps I just misplaced it. Either way, I got it back with a phenomenal belly dance workout called Slinky Dance. The term slinky accurately describes belly dance movement and it's also the nickname that was given to Slinky Dance founder, Christine Busini, while starring in the Broadway show Sugar Babies with Mickey Rooney. The nickname stuck throughout her dance career, inspiring her to create the Christina Belly Dance School to raise women's self-esteem, internally and physically. Her dance-fitness workout integrates abdominal and cardiovascular exercise with sensual choreography to summon the provocative temptress you've buried within. The 90 minute curve defining class will re-connect you to your femininity and sensuality.

Then again, you may think you're doing alright in this department because you recently made a purchase at Victoria's Secret OR you reincarnated Kim Catrall's Samantha character and slept with your entire office OR you splurged on glamour shots for your sexual networking profile. That's not a bad start...but why not step it up and get in tune with your physique as a gift to yourself? The more you feel it and own it, the more you'll project it (with generous returns, hopefully). Below you'll find specific WHO, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE details on Slinky Dance in Queens, NYC. Don't live in NYC? Christine will soon offer Slinky Dance instruction online for anyone in the world to access. In the meantime, shoot me an email and I'll help you find belly dancing in your area.


Christine Busini, dancer with 30 years of experience in performing and teaching. She's a total sweetheart with a great sense of humor and articulate instruction.


A belly dance workout, focused on abdominals, that will empower you to get fit, tone and sensual - $20/class

Class begins with a 30 minute ab workout/warm-up on mats. After that you'll learn specific belly dance moves, repeated until mastered and appled to a short routine danced to different kinds of music to switch up the pace and vibe. The class is taught in a mirrored studio with Christine as your visual reference. Best to take the class barefoot and I highly recommend wearing ONE OF THESE for the full belly dance experience.


Sundays 12 - 1.30PM

Class series schedule / Private instruc. / Rates


Tree of Life Yoga & Wellness Center
102-06 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, New York 11375
Ph: 718-544-5997

Now go get your slink on and tell Christine mizzFIT sent you!



written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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