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The Next Best Thing To Kokomo? Where You Can Go To Get Away From It All...


Beach Boys Kolomo



Head to Governor's Island for Lululemon's Escape to Yoga Island event. It's free and your chance to experience FREE yoga with some of our city's best and most well known yoga instructors.

Here's the official Facebook event page for Escape to Yoga Island - which might provide more background and details.

If you've never been to Governor's Island before (like me, tsk tsk) this is a great excuse to get your butt out there for some sun'ercise. Like that? Now I'm inventing words. That's what happens when you go on vacation. Your mind gets stimulated with all kinds of new ideas (...of which only some are good, lol). Make sure to take a towel, sunblock, a mat and lots of water. It promises to be a fantastic event and kudos to Lululemon for making it FREE! Wallets need vacations too.


written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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