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5 Reasons Why A Roller Girl Is A Fit Girl

Fashion/Gift - Fitness

- This is a guest post by Erica Chapman -


This weekend, I went roller skating as part of a “girls night” with some friends. We giggled as we got dressed in multi-colored tights and gold hotpants, and outright belly-laughed as we each took turns hitting the floor in glorious, flailing spills. But as we all exchanged text messages the next day about various sore body parts, it became clear—roller skating is a WORKOUT!  And that’s why, below, I give you 5 reasons for why a roller girl is a fit girl.

1. Roller girls have great gams

Between constantly pushing off the ground and lifting up that several-pound skate over and over, you're in for some serious quad-fatigue. Since you’ll be carving out strong stems, show 'em off in fun, dual-colored tights like these from American Apparel.

Dual Color American Apparel Tights Roller Skate
2. Roller girls get a sculpted booty

Here’s where some talent could come in handy for symmetrical toning: since I can only (barely) skate forwards, I got a disproportionate amount of booty burn in my right glute from all that constant turning left. Now if I could only skate backwards….but hey, that certainly didn’t stop me from rocking these American Apparel hot shorts (over tights, of course) as I “felt the burn”.

 Roller skating hot shorts american apparel

3. Roller girls get cardio fit

Ok, so it’s not as intense as a jog, but it’s definitely no stroll in the park—especially if you happen to be at a rink with seasoned pros (yep, they exist). Just keeping up with the flow of traffic got my heart rate up to a nice clip! It didn’t hurt that the DJ was spinning some serious club tunes, which always gets me moving. In case you're picky when it comes to music or the DJ's gone on break, jam away to your own tunes with a Jammy Pack. It's like a boombox-fanny-pack and all your essentials like your cell phone fit inside. I know MizzFIT rocks out to hers in Mr. Pink style.

Jammy Pack music speakers fanny pack roller skating mizzfit

4. Roller girls sharpen their coordination

Maybe this doesn’t count as getting fit, per se, but I love a workout combining cardio or strength training with a mental test of concentration or strategy—you reap double the reward.  Roller skating is hilariously FUN because you have to pay attention! Not only to the hotshot making a game out of passing within inches of you, but to your balance, your coordination, your speed, the music—It’s like a retro, black-lit, DJ’d obstacle course! Who doesn’t love those? Revv yourself up for it in these extravagant high-fashion skates by Moxi. Also sold at Urban Outfitters.

roller skates women fitness fashion mizzfit moxi

5. Roller girls get a laugh

No doubt, sometimes you have to make yourself work out when it’s the very last thing in the world you want to do.  But this is one sneaky workout that will never feel like a chore—just rock those hot shorts with confidence, get out on the rink and start having a blast!  I guarantee you’ll notice how much fun you’re having WAY before you realize how sore your legs will be tomorrow. And just in case you fall, throw these Destroyer Pro Knee Pads in your bag so you can laugh it off and pop right back up.

destroyer pro knee pads roller skate skating fashion 

About the Author: Erica Chapman is a connoisseur of team sports, gourmet food and the ocassional body cleanse. She lives and works out in New York City.

Images courtesy of American Apparel, Jammy Pack, Orange County Roller Skates, Urban Outfitters and Roller Skate City official websites. Liberace poster image from

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



Say what's on your mind!

Sophie April 22nd, 2011 8:00AM

how cute! I'm gonna set up a roller nite too!

Auntie Social May 29th, 2011 7:50PM

FYI: Roller skating actually IS as intense as a jog. In fact, it has been proven that roller skating is BETTER exercise than running.


Auntie Social

MizzFIT June 1st, 2011 12:31PM

Hi Auntie Social,

Y'know, I'm not surprised! Where have you read about this? I'd love to read more about it. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.


MizzFIT June 1st, 2011 12:32PM

Just went to your website. LOVE IT! --MizzFIT

Estro Jen June 14th, 2011 5:35PM

Those wheels are made for GOING OUT OF BOUNDS!!! Not at your local roller rink... but bombin' hills and pickin up your lady friends for a stROLL around the city!

They absorb the shock of all the cracks and rocks on the sidewalk so you can have a roller rink experience wherever you go!

If you like it.. take them to the rink but be sure to change the wheels! It'll feel like you're pushing through marmallows if you don't and taking the ear muffs off when you do!
Roller Skating can be so fun you don't even know you're 'gettin fit'!

Thanks, MizzFit.. this read ROLLS!

MizzFIT June 23rd, 2011 7:12AM

Hi Estro Jen,

Thanks for the info! And I love that you're telling us we can leave the rink in these rollerskates and that there's a "outdoorsy/mountain bike" feel to them too! SO good to know for people who don't rollerskate regularly. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this article. I absolutely love your enthusiasm!