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Zoe Sakoutis & Erica Huss - BluePrintCleanse Founders

Fitness - Celeb interviews

Q.You're the brains behind the most tried and talked about juice cleanse. What was life like before it all started?

Erica: Immediately before, I was working in PR for food, wine and chef clients.  Prior to that I worked in various areas of the hospitality business—events and catering, bar & restaurant management.

Zoe: I was also working in hospitality, mainly bartending, and studying nutritional healing at the Ann Wigmore Institute.

Q.What made you both want to get in the “cleanse” business?

Zoe: The fact that there wasn’t one before!  To some extent we created that industry in the way it exists now.  And that was created out of necessity.

Erica: Having a conversation with Zoë about her idea for how to bring the cleanse and raw food movement to a mainstream audience.  There was a “right place, right time” feeling about the whole thing that ended up being completely accurate.

Q.What's your favorite BPC juice combo?

Erica: I love the pineapple wheatgrass, the green juice with ginger, and the cashew milk.

Zoe: Green, Green and Green.  There’s nothing else like it.

Q.How do you integrate fitness into your cleansing programs?

Erica: We don’t integrate it in an obligatory way so much as we offer our clients access to various types of fitness experiences through our strategic partners, to encourage them to find what works best for them.  But if they’re not into exercise, that’s fine too.  This is not about forcing people to “get fit,” it’s about offering information and education and letting people make their own choices they can stick with. 

Zoe: We focus on helping you change your habits or at least become more conscience of them—how your body feels and why.

Q.What are other juice cleanse programs doing wrong?

Zoe:  We won’t really comment on that now.  We like to focus on what we’re doing right.  We keep our eyes on our own mat.

Q.Speaking of mats...what's your #1 go-to workout?

Erica: I work out in a gym most of the time, so it’s usually a combination of cardio and weight training with some barre exercises worked in, but if I go to a class, I love Flywheel for spinning and Bikram for just sweating.

Zoe: I live in a sixth floor walkup--does that count for anything?

Q.Stairs definitely count! So does fitness fashion. Are you into it and what do you wear?

Erica: I wish I had a more glamorous answer, but not really…I wear a lot of leggings and tank tops or T-shirts.

Zoe: I'm usually wearing something from my husband's sports apparel line, NO MAS.

Q.If you could change 1 thing about the fitness & health industry, what would it be?

Erica: in terms of fitness: everyone should be required to take recess every day, just like we did in elementary school.  In terms of health: people need to eat more fresh, real food, every day. Period. 

Zoe: People should not be allowed to make loud grunting noises while attempting to lift weights that are too heavy for them. It's really distracting.

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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