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Skiing, Music & Sustainable Style. Tips to Rock the Slopes + A Soul Poles Giveaway!


Add more style + cool tunes to your winter workout!

You have no excuse to wait until warmer days to kickstart your workout. Why? Because I'm about to tell you how to spark your ski-style with some very luxe gear! Bamboo ski poles and a silky headphone-headband might not be your typical ski attire but we're totally loving them here at MizzFIT! And the best part is that we're giving one of these luxe items away! All you have to do is Follow me on Facebook and leave a comment on this article (keep reading for details). I promise you it's worth it!


After checking out these gorgeous ski poles that were featured in Vogue Magazine, I was excited to talk to Bryon Friedman, the founder and owner of Soul Poles. His philosophy is that skiing is soulful and should be expressed in all aspects of your experience including your ski poles. He decided to create these stylish, high performance ski poles out of bamboo and recycled materials after witnessing during his years spent as a US. Ski Team racer, all the ski equipment made of environmentally detrimental plastic and metal being thrown away. He thought, “Why not make equipment out of bamboo which is one of the fastest renewable resources on the planet”. In fact, ski poles back in the day were actually made out of bamboo.

Although most Americans view bamboo as a design piece, it was surprising and exciting to learn that these bamboo poles aren’t just gorgeous and eco-friendly but they are 25% stronger than aluminum poles. Due to their high performance functionality, they are used by some top name skiers including Alex Schlopy, Tatum Monod, Reggie Crist and Zach Halverson. 

Style is just as important as sustainability for Bryon Friedman and the Soul Poles team. That’s why they teamed up with the acclaimed artist R. Nelson Parrish to create Limited Edition poles every year.


We love this company's commitment to creating such fashionable, functional and eco-friendly much that we want a Musique reader to get lucky in luxe this winter and win a pair of Soul Poles to accentuate their ski style. We are giving away one set of Soul Poles to whoever follows me on the Musique Facebook Page and comments below at the end of this article with the most inspiring description of their best skiing experience. So make sure to do that in the comments section below!!!


Molami headphones and earphones achieve a major fitness fashion feat: they get you working out to your fave tunes while sneaking in some major style points. Molami accessories are designed with form and function in mind. Industrial designer Maria von Euler created these headphones to suit the feminine silhouette unlike most clunky headphones you see. Molami headphones and earphones come in white and black featuring gold, silver and silk accents. This is what I call luxurious workout style!

A Freeskier Weighs In On Music & Style

I talked to freeskier Rosalind Groenewoud (known as Roz G), one of the top freeskiers in the world, about how she gets amped up and styled to ski. Her name should be on your radar because she's aiming for the 2014 Winter Olympics team where the freeskiing competition will be included for the first time EVER.

In December of 2011, Roz finished 3rd in the women’s half pipe at the Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado and to top it all off, she's the 1st female freeskier to get a Target sponsorship (hence the logo on her hat).

Photo by Jordan Loyd Photography

Here's what she shared with me about her world champion style:

ME:  What are your go-to songs for getting pumped up to compete?

Roz:  I have a ritual group of songs that I play on competition days. (It has changed over the years but usually doesn’t change during the competition season.)  Before I start skiing, I listen to music for particular lyrics. The lyrics in Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” like “Success is the only m***f**ng* option” make me feel fierce. As soon as I get on my skis, I want a strong beat. A long time favorite has been Dr. Dre “Still Dre”.

ME:  Do you listen to music when you ski and what sort of music gear do you use on the slopes?

Roz:  I am loving my new Monster iSport ear buds. They stay in my ears while I am skiing (and fit easily under my goggles and helmet) and working out, plus are comfortable and the sound quality is awesome.  My iPod is loaded with all kinds of music so I can mix it up as needed.

ME:  Compared to other skiers, I see that freeskiers have to wear loose and baggier clothing but those styles have come a long way for women. How do you dress?

Roz: Fashion for free skiing has changed and evolved, just like all fashion. The clothes used to be extra baggy (and some still wear that look) but it has gotten more trim. I guess it has followed the fashion for young people generally – for example, jeans used to be super baggy 10 years ago and now they have become quite skinny.  Some of my competitors are now wearing very skinny ski pants. We often joke amongst ourselves that we need to look good in order to ski well. I am currently wearing a Spyder outfit that is gold and black. It is unique, which is always really important to me.

ME:  For our readers getting excited to hit the slopes this season and participate in other outdoor wintertime sports, do you have any insider ski champion tips on how to stay warm and still look cool?

Roz:  Wear base layers made of “technical” fabric that keeps you warm and dry. They make a huge difference and there are many choices of styles and colors...Don’t ski in jeans (even though a few professionals do!) as they’ll hold onto the snow if you fall or are skiing in powder. I like to layer under my ski suit so I can adjust if the weather warms up or I’m doing a lot of hiking. I think the Spyder ski suits are really attractive plus they are functional and long lasting.  If you really feel the cold, investigate electric boot warmers and electric gloves – they are expensive but make the difference for some people.

ME:  I noticed in a lot of your photos that you love red lipstick. Do you have a favorite makeup brand? What's your opinion about wearing makeup when you compete or exercise?

Roz:  I always wear some specific makeup when I compete – on competition morning, I love forcing my heart rate to slow down enough to draw a clean line of eyeliner. It has become one of my pre-competition rituals to put on red lipstick. My favorite red lipstick right now is from Makeup Forever (color: Moulin Rouge) and my favorite lip gloss is Vincent Longo (any/all of the red shades) because they aren’t sticky on my lips.



Soooooo, What Do You Think?

Into the luxe gear I'm feelin'? Inspired by Roz G? Itching for a new pair of ski poles? Enter my Soul Poles giveaway because I'm picking a winner on February 1st, 2013. And please, don't be shy! Shout at me on Facebook & Twitter. Excited to hear your thoughts!

Don't Forget 2 Enter The Giveaway (scroll up for details on how to enter!)


written by Sari Beth



Say what's on your mind!

Sari Beth January 11th, 2013 6:24AM

totally cool! love her skiing playlist and that she rocks the red lipstick on the slopes. do you ski? if so, tell me your best ski experience to win a free pair of those super cool bamboo ski poles from Soul Poles!

MizzFIT January 11th, 2013 7:49AM

I so love how you combined music + winter sport + fashion. If this is only your 2nd post, we're in for a lot of great fitness stories. Love it! xoxo, MizzFIT

lilyan stern January 11th, 2013 8:27AM

so upbeat , yearning to hit the slopes again , wearing all that stunning ski gear, of course !

Melissa January 11th, 2013 4:54PM

Really cool to hear about a pro athlete who's a real music fanatic. Btw, those headphones at the bottom look amazing! Lots of interesting info to be found on MizzFit!

John m January 12th, 2013 5:22PM

talking heads always on the slopes playlist. Alt-J and yeahyeahyeahs as well. think snow.

sarah January 14th, 2013 1:47AM

Best skiing experience: the time I got my CB jacket, circa 1980-something. Turquoise and hot pink. Perfect to wear with pegged jeans. No snow required.

Alyssa O January 19th, 2013 8:12PM

Skiing is an amazing experience, especially when you can share it with your kids! Love being that "hot" mom on the slopes, those soul poles would surely complement my look ;) Never too old to rock a roxy outfit, although my kids think it's a bit weird.

rayna hannaway January 23rd, 2013 4:39PM

My best skiing experience has to be going to Mt. Snow this year. It was the first time my 3 year old son Charlie hit the the slopes. Seeing how fearless he was really inspired me to find my inner-child and be just as courageous and thrill driven as he is. It was an amazing experience!

Abby January 24th, 2013 12:43AM

I went a few weeks ago for my first time in at least 5 years. My best friend (way advanced than me) stayed with me on all the easy slopes even though she could have easily gone way ahead. Had a great time!!

Sari Beth January 24th, 2013 12:59AM

Hi Rayna,

That must have been incredible to see your 3 year old son ski for the first time. I always marvel at how courageous the little ones are when taking on the slopes!

Thanks for sharing xo sari beth

Sari Beth January 24th, 2013 12:59AM

hey john, what's your fave yeah yeah yeahs song for skiing?
thanks for sharing with us! xo sari beth

Sari Beth January 24th, 2013 1:00AM

I agree, Alyssa. You are NEVER too old to look hot rockin out your Roxy outfit on the slopes! Thanks for sharing xo sari beth

Sari Beth January 24th, 2013 1:01AM

Hey Abby,

I'm not too advanced at skiing either. It's always so great to have a more advanced friend stay back with you and share some of their tips!
Thanks for sharing! xo sari beth

Sari Beth January 24th, 2013 1:02AM

hey sarah,

omg. i LOVED cb sport. I think I used to rock the blue and hot pink jacket back in my heyday. thanks for sharing and maybe we should bring back cb sport for summer 2013

xo sari beth

Sari Beth January 24th, 2013 1:03AM

hey melissa,

glad you enjoyed the piece. i had a blast reporting on it and might have to hit the slopes this winter after getting those good tips from roz g and def rock those headphones and soul poles. you should too!
xo sari beth

Sari Beth January 24th, 2013 1:04AM

hey lilyan

let's do it!

xo sari beth

Megan K January 24th, 2013 5:05AM

Cool Article! :)

Sam Petrie January 24th, 2013 6:49AM

One of my favorite ski experiences is from 2 years ago. 8 of us did a backcountry ski trip off the backside of Sugar Bowl to the Benson Hut. In the late afternoon, we hiked up to the top of the peak behind the cabin and skied down. The snow was untracked and the light was that perfect warm end-of-day glow as the sun was setting. Skiing like that - away from crowds & with your best friends - is as good as it gets!

John M January 31st, 2013 12:47AM

Y control and Phenomenon on the way in. Maps on the way home.
Foxygen and Jack White have been great for this season.

To share more on my best experience…..I perfected my playlist during an event last year called Seven Wonders of Vail. Part of the Teva Mountain Games, participants had to ski all 7 back bowls of Vail. With very cold temps and poor snow it was quite a challenge, but we were able to get it done. This year they are taking it up a notch. The event is called Conquer Vail. It is more of an accomplishment than a competition, participants have to complete all 24 lifts of Vail. All of them, from the back bowls to the bunny slopes. We are diagramming the best route now and will be ready. Hoping for better snow, and a brand new pair of Soul Poles to keep me looking good. And green.

Sari Beth February 5th, 2013 5:16AM

Thanks to all of you for your comments and stories. I enjoyed them all and found them inspiring.
Unfortunately I can only award this to one person. This winner is...Rayna Hannaway! Please get in touch with me at for more details xo sari beth