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Sporty Trendzz from Mizzfit and Under Armour

Fashion/Gift - Trending

Look what I got in the mail!

Alo! It's been a crazy week of press previews and testing new fitness products. My body is totally TGIF-ing from both work and daily killer workouts. But every Friday has to end with something good and I've got exciting news about upcoming trendzz I want to share with you.

By now you must know I have a BOX with Quarterly Co. If not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? My Style Up 2 Shape Up Box is one of my most favorite projects and collaborations EVER! The best part is being able to share fit trends with you and get your feedback. Check out my latest "unboxing" video for #MIZ02 above. You've got plenty of time to sign up for the next box which comes out in May and features lots of restorative and beauty goodies for your hard-worked body.

Subscription boxes can be a hard sell for people who don't like surprises--I get it. But THESE VIDEOS will give you a reassuring peek into past boxes. Got questions about my SU2SU Box? The comments section is the place to ask them.

So, yesterday I checked out several sportswear previews and I was wow'd by what I saw and got to try on. Let me just say that fitness fashion has come a long way! Especially for the Under Armour brand. Everything from their lookbook to their merchandising was so on point.

8 years ago they were NOTHING like they are today. They employ so much more street style on top of functionality in their designs for the everyday athletic woman. Their designers and R&D team deserve a standing applause. Since it's Friday, I'm going through these quickly! I've got puggles to jog with and Girl Scout cookies to hide from (seriously).

Under Armour's foray into crop tops is getting more intense as summer approaches. They've got every kind, from a spaghetti strap halfie tank to the layer-worthy sweats crop below. If this isn't midriff motivation...not sure what is. On a side note, I don't think this manequin eats!

Under Armour's making everything more revealing! Seamless styles have been given a more plunging chest-line and triangle-top-bikini-inspired bras bare more back and shoulder. I'm liking these low-impact bras that I'm totally going to wear for high-impact cleavage.

Inserts are growing up! Under Armour has given them...

  • Color
  • Branding (so as not to be confused with all your other inserts that make their way into your sock drawer because you have no clue which bra they belong to)
  • And best of all, directional markings so that you know the right one from the left, and which end goes where.

I'm an inserts-kind-of-girl so I'm ecstatic to see them finally getting the attention they deserve...and us, a bit more help in the boob-shaping department. Yes, I hyphen words a lot in case you've been noticing.

Tweed is now gym appropriate. When I saw this outfit from Under Armour's studio collection, I was like a horny dude. I needed it. I wanted to get inside of it. Enough said. Ok, maybe not... The outerside of the fabric has a fitness-friendly tweed texture, while the inside that lays against your skin is engineered to be light and moisture wicking. It actually breathes! The tweed paneling on the capris is quite a statement but still understated enough for minimalist girls. This was by far, the most genius transitional outfit at the preview. And it felt amazing! Well done, UA!

Next year's outerwear collection is urban and army. The jackets will remind you of someone's cool leather jacket you saw on the street and the colors have a nice, griddy feel. It's clearly an East Coast thing. I'm making the "E" hand sign now. So glad you can't see me!

Go watch my reveal video (scroll 2 top) and leave comments for Under Armour so we can get them to be a part of the next SU2SU Box!

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



Say what's on your mind!

Brittany March 29th, 2014 1:17AM

Crushing on all of these pieces!! Can't wait to rock them !!

Mizzfit April 1st, 2014 10:55PM

Let me know if you end up getting any of them. Or better yet, send me a pic! xoxo, Mizz

CurlyExpat April 1st, 2014 9:19PM

I would love to see one of my favorite brands, Under Armour in the next Mizzfit box! Fantastic tweed outfit. I never would have thought about tweed at the gym. So cool!

Mizzfit April 1st, 2014 10:56PM

Working on it!!!! Love your handle name :) --Mizzfit

auditor April 10th, 2014 8:11PM

Test test test test test test test

Sara April 11th, 2014 6:18PM

The video is great, your info & energy are great ...

... but the back-and-forth rocking motion of the camera is NOT great! It looked like you were filmed below deck on a boat. Not a fan -- it was distracting (and nauseating.)

Mizzfit April 11th, 2014 7:53PM

Hi Sara,

Unfortunately I'm well aware of this issue and I just want to apologize for it. We shot the video and it was edited before I could really have the opportunity to re-shoot it. Sooooo, I just went with it. I'm really sorry it made you feel dizzy. Thank you for watching it despite that and for being very honest. I 100% value honest feedback. The next video won't make you want to vomit. I'll make sure of that :)


jen @BeautyAllThat April 28th, 2014 8:33AM

Hey Bianca! So excited for your next Quarterly box!! Would love to see Under Armour in the next box or even future boxes. I loved your first box (signed up too late for the second one- so enjoyed your unboxing video) so I'm signed up for your next one and can't wait!
There's so many great finds and I'm always excited to try every single item in there.

Mizzfit April 28th, 2014 9:10AM

Hi Jen! Ok, now I'm excited that you're so excited! I've been working really hard at this last box to make it extra special. Thank you so much for signing up for it. If you're dying for Box 2, I can make that happen for you too. We still have a few left. Let me know. And if you have any questions me! I'd love to hear about your workout routine and style. Thanks so much for commenting here. You Rock!

Bianca Jade / Mizzfit

jen @BeautyAllThat June 3rd, 2014 8:54PM

wow so i just read your reply!! Not sure if you still have Box2 left, since Box 3 is on its way to me :) I'll keep an eye out on this chain. thanks! :)

Mizzfit June 5th, 2014 7:57AM

Hi Jen From @BeautyAllThat!
Great news! We still have BOX #2 left. If you're dying for it, you can get it here:

It made the BEST OF Quarterly List because it got high ratings from subscribers. You can buy it as a 1-off. Let me know if you end up getting it!

Bianca Jade