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Latham Thomas on Women Who Empower

Fitness - Entertainment - Celeb interviews

I was lucky enough to interview Latham Thomas for my Women Who Empower series on YouTube. She inspires women through her business Mama Glow, her "hip guide" on prenatal wellness, her beautiful affirmations on social media and through all her doula work. She's been known to work with many celebrities like Alicia Keys. Latham also helps women get fit during and post-pregnancy.

When I first approached Latham about filming together, I asked her if she'd comment on the events that went down in Ferguson, Missouri, which is not far from where I grew up in St. Louis. She was all IN. The conversation we had below was months before there was a final decision for NO INDICTMENT in the case against Darren Wilson. Click HERE or on the image below to watch.

Everything Latham says comes from such a calm and honest place. Find out what the life of a Prenatal Wellness Expert is all about, especially if you're interested in becoming a doula or hiring one to assist you through your pregnancy. Click HERE (or the image below) to watch my full interview with Latham about her profession and what drives her to excel in the wellness space.

And as always, support the women around you. Help each other! We learn from each other and grow together. This is something I cannot stress enough and that I hope you'll take to heart!

Many thanks to Latham Thomas for sitting down and chatting with me and to YOU for watching these Women Who Empower videos. 

Who would you like to see me interview next for the series? Leave ideas in the comments section below for me. Thank you!

xoxo, Bianca Jade

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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