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Work Your Booty Like A TV Host

Fitness - Fashion/Gift

Booty Blast on CTStyle Show

Yes! The couch potato booty blast is definitely something you need in your life! That's why I drove 2 hours to New Haven, Connecticut o show Ryan Kristafer, the host of the CT Style Morning Show, how to do it. Let's just say he tried...which I'll give him plenty of credit for.

The Couch Potato Booty Blast is what I'd call "vintage Mizzfit" and I love that it's having a resurgence. I'm always happy to get couch potatos moving and the truth is you can work out from ANYWHERE.

But even if you're sooo glued to your couch that you really must work out there, please at the very last make sure to Style Up 2 Shape Up.

Let's use Ryan getup as an example! He's wearing Haute Athletics gear, a website that carries sportswear which can double as streetwear. His shorts are from StrongBody and his tough skull hoodie is from Ruckus. If you're a guy looking for great fitness fashion, I recommend StrongBody performance tees and bottoms because of their mesh ventilation panels and pockets which are smartly positioned in a vibrant red.

StrongBody active wear is made to be odorless, wrinkle-free and fade-free. Pay a little more for these pieces and you'll never go back to your stretched out and faded Old Navy sweats.

I have to give a big shout out to Gilt City for hooking me up with Ryan's Reebok ZCUT training shoes. Ryan got to keep those, so I think he was pretty excited about them. Gilt City actually has a ton of deals on fit gear and Reebok sneaks (even the Crossfit styles) are all 30% off until July 9th.

If you're a typical guy, you probably don't like going too crazy with your fitness look. It's OK to stick with blacks and grays (like I did with Ryan). But just make sure to add some color accents, whether it's on your sneaks or with a functional accessory. The colors red, orange and olive green pop nicely on gray and black, and are quite masculine.

You can see these colors in effect (below) from another men's fitness fashion segment I did this summer. Backpack by The Shrine, t-shirt by Ruckus and all terrain running sneaks ON SALE by Reebok.

It's funny because I usually don't write these blogs for if you're a woman reading this right now, please relay this info to your man. Otherwise if you're a dude reading this, I give you lots of props for spending more than 2 minutes on my website thus far.

Fitness fashion is more important than you might think. Like I said on TV with Ryan, people who Style Up 2 Shape Up will develop a stronger connection with their workout. Once you discover the fashion, trends and social benefits of fitness, it's the best way to trick yourself into working out because by then you'll have more reason to love it.

Thanks for watching my appearance on CTStyle. Tell me what's on your mind and leave a comment below!

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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