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Chasing Waterfalls on my #WhereToNow Road Trip

Fashion/Gift - Fitness - Health

My Secluded Yoga Spot at Croton Gorge

The Croton Aqueduct in Croton Gorge Park, NY is a sight to behold. I teamed up with Tri-State Ford on a "road trip to fit" in my 2015 Ford Escape and this was my 2nd stop. My adventures are part of Tri-State Ford’s “Where To Now?”  sweepstakes!

So what did I do at the Croton Aqueduct, a historic water distribution system that has beautiful cascading waterfalls? Yoga, of course! In case you don’t know its backstory, the aqueduct is how NY once got its drinking water.

Searching for a little Zen, I decided to roll my mat out. I remember when I first tried yoga. I’m never doing this again, I thought.  The practice of contorting into pretzel shapes was not my bag. I looked around the room at the other fit women in class flowing gracefully and I wondered, what am I missing?

Now it’s so obvious to me. I was missing patience, self-acceptance and balance in my life. When I finally approached yoga with an open heart, that’s when things started to click…or rather, flow! Yoga is a journey, just like this road trip! You learn a lot about yourself along the way.

I usually practice yoga in NYC studios, so it was beyond beautiful to go somewhere without walls. I never would’ve found the Croton Aqueduct on my own.  My Ford Escape has SYNC 3, which helps me navigate with voice-activated technology and easy destination entry.

What a spot for yoga! Hearing water splashing down from the top of the aqueduct was a nice, soothing effect. Thank goodness for the large tree and sudden rain cooling me down on this super hot day. Yoga is all about letting go. You can’t control everything in life. You learn to live with it or find the silver lining.

Grab a mat on your next road trip! Find a scenic spot that speaks to you. If it’s super hot or humid, stop for a minute to catch your breath or cool off. Natural elements can be harsh. Use good judgment, bring sunscreen and water, and be careful not to over exert yourself.

In the video above, you probably heard me say ‘without balance you’re just spinning your wheels’. Finding balance will calm you as you prioritize the events in your life, cut back on some things and add-in others. Here’s how it’s changed my life:

  • I’m happier, more relaxed and my mood is consistently positive.
  • I’m healthier because I find at least 40 minutes to work out every day but don’t beat myself up if I don’t get a full hour.
  • My life isn’t focused on just work anymore. I’ve learned to make time for friends, family and actual hobbies unrelated to my work.
  • I’ve learned to let go, a key component of yoga. There are some things you shouldn’t hold on to or fret over because it causes both psychological and physical stress.


I owe a lot to yoga. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. The “pretzel shapes” I used to hate? I can do them with my eyes closed and a smile.

So #WhereToNow? I definitely worked up an appetite…time to grab a bite with a friend in Tarrytown. I’ll see you there in my next post.  Don’t forget to enter the Tri-State Ford #WhereToNow Sweepstakes.

Did you see me on the Fox 5 News talking about my trip? CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Ends 10/31/2015, 21+. Details:

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit



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