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Mizzfit Fitness Gloves In Production!

Entertainment - Fashion/Gift

Mizzfit Gloves In The Works!

I'm so excited to report that the strength training gloves I designed are officially in production. I teamed up with G-LOVES to do a special collaboration series, which includes boxing wraps too. Yay for cute boxing wraps, FINALLY!

I'm dying with anticipation because... I really took the time to get the designs and colors right. The prints are inspired by my love for bananas, and the FACT that bananas are the official fruit of fitness. I mean, everyone knows that. And, there's no question that you should always GO BANANAS for your workout!

Am I crazy for being so ridiculously excited about fitness gloves? Hmm, I don't think. Aside from being a major milestone in the world of fitness fitness there's actually more to this story. When I first trademarked MIZZFIT back in 2009, my dream was to create a fitness accessories collection. Last year I made Mizzfit barre socks with Pointe Studio and this year it's gloves and wraps with G-LOVES. I consider these big steps in the direction of what was originally my vision for Mizzfit. I'm not sure how much my fitness accessories plan will actually evolve as I continue to pursue my career as a TV host and on-air wellness personality, but I'd love to keep aiming for it. I really enjoy doing these collaborations with already established activewear companies that I'm a huge fan of...but it would definitely be nice at some point in the future to have my own collection. Goals, goals, goals!

Check out the samples! These are not final yet, btw. They may be subject to change or embellishments.

Let me know what you think of the designs. I went through a bunch of versions to get to these more minimalist prints. The idea was to create a glove that would look great with your workout clothes and serve as an accent piece. I promise to post more pics of the finished gloves once I have them.

Soooo honored that G-LOVES chose to work with me. I'm literally counting the days until the Mizzfit banana gloves and boxing wraps are ready to share with you. For me, it's all about inspiring your fitness journey. For you, I hope it will be about a more stylish and empowered workout.

What's your fitness glove situation? Do you own fitness gloves already? If not, would you be interested in stylish training gloves to wear for workouts that involve heavy lifting and/or conditioning on the floor and against rough surfaces? Thanks for letting me know!

written by Bianca Jade a.k.a Mizzfit


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